Welcome to my blog, where you will find dozens of tips relating to saving and making money. When writing this blog, I want to prove that you can retire at the age of 55. How to do that? Firstly, you should start saving money and then make the appropriate investments. And the most important thing is that you need to understand your environment and how to live in a new environment, namely in the UK, where I live. Therefore, you will find dozens of practical examples on the blog.

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Summarize of the 6 month blogging period and cash report

Summarize of the 6 month blogging period and cash report What was going on for half a year Who doesn’t like the summarizes? There are many thing to summarize. By the last half of year a lot has happened on blog. I think that it was quite active time, even too much (post has a little slippage so I attached […]

How to deal with expensive hotels

How to deal with expensive hotels People with plan always have better life. Sometimes we can’t make a plan and we work on the spontaneous mode. The same thing happened to me. More precisely it turned out that in the day before Bank Holiday I had to go on The South England. How to find a cheap hotel in Bank […]

Tax-free allowances in the UK

Tax-free allowance in the UK As a matter of fact in England the taxes are not super low but human have the impression that they are actually low. For all that, tax-free allowance helps to that impression. The price is on quite high level. In England apply many forms of tax exemption and commonly these are significant prices. Thus today […]


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