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Forms of cooperation with moneygrabbing

Below, there is a list of different forms of cooperation with a blog

Sponsored article – article created by the brand with my small adjustments in the form of adding introduction and summary. All possibilities can be negotiated. However, at the end of the article you will find a note that the article is sponsored. The price for a sponsored article start from £150.

Advertising banner  – it is possible to add two advertising banners in the format 723 × 90 and 250 × 250. The price of first banner for display is £ 100 per month and for the second one is £75. After the completion of the campaign, there is a full statistics of banner display in the form of views and clicks.

Tests – tests of products and services related to the topic of the blog. The cost of such a test can be negotiated.

Reviews – Reviews of products, services and publications related to the theme of the blog. The costs can be negotiated. The review of the book is free. But I do not put a link to the bookstore and other companies.

Patronage – patron of the campaign or event of the sponsor

Special campaigns and non-standard actions – Such campaigns can rely on non-standard measures in the form of:

  • guides in the form of articles
  • rescheduled various actions
  • and many other effective methods of brand promotion. If you want to receive further details please contact me.

About the blog

Blog moneygrabbing is mainly addressed for the Polish community in the UK. It discusses themes of emigration and it focuses on saving and making money. The main themes of the blog:

  • Immigration issues
  • Saving money
  • Earning money
  • Investing
  • Real estate
  • Travels
  • Personal development

More on the blog and me you will learn from the tab „About me”

Blog readers

These data come from google analitics for 6 months. If you want to receive more detailed statistics, please contact me.

Much of the readers live in the UK:

– United Kingdom – 78%
– Poland – 18%

Most readers are young:

– 25-34 – 43%
– 34-44 – 31%
– 18-24 – 12%

Number of blog readers based on sex is equally:

– men – 50%
– women – 50%

statistic of blog moneygrabbing

If you are looking for
non-standard forms of advertising,
please contact me.

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