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London Stock Exchange (LSE) is one of the oldest, and also the largest stock exchanges in the world. Currently, the main market recorded 1,300 companies in sixty different countries, including BP, Royal Dutch Shell, SABMiller, Vodafone, Tesco. LSE also distinguished Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for young, rapidly growing companies. Currently, it recorded about 1,200 companies.

The best-known index of the London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 is also known as the footsie. It consists of one hundred companies listed on the LSE with the largest market capitalization. Quotations refresh at every fifteen seconds. Companies of this index represent about 80% of capitalization of companies listed on the LSE. Other important indexes are the FTSE 250 index (250 companies with an average capitalization of the quarterly update) and the FTSE SmallCap index.

Each of us deciding to invest in the stock market should pay attention to several important aspects. Taking into account our future, real wages we must be kept in mind: the brokerage commission from both the stock and ETF, costs of conversion (the best is to invest directly in British pounds), Stamp Duty Tax on shares taken up by the government for its purchase, obtained and lost (due to bad position of the shares), management of free funds, management of the size of the item, enlargement and reduce of position, and investement in many global markets.

It is said that the minimum capital which each investor will be able to freely invest is ten thousand pounds. With this cash we start our adventure with the exchange. The goal of any investor is to profit greater than in the case of ordinary bank investments. We always can lose. You can never assume that our investment is safe. Any person, who would like to start investing in the stock market must carefully consider how the situation would have done if he suddenly lost 20, 40 and even 50% of his assets. If we want to devote all money on the stock market, it is better to abandon the idea.

If you are interested in investing in stocks you absolutely need to read the entry on the blog describing how to find information about shares and funds in the UK.

We have available many more financial products on the stock market in the UK in comparison with other European stock exchanges. With the exception of the traditional shares of fund units, spread betting, CFD (contract for difference), ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities), etc. are also available. Small investors have the advantages that the CGT – Capital Gain Tax has tax-free limit and at the moment is 15,000 pounds per person per year.

Where is best to buy shares on the London Stock Exchange

Interactive Investor Share & Fund Trading Account

  • A £10 flat fee for all UK and international shares
  • We reward our frequent traders with a discount rate of just £5
  • Buy UK shares for only £1.50 with our regular investment service
  • We charge a £20 quarterly fee, but this covers your first two trades every quarter
  • Invest tax-efficiently and add an ISA account for free
  • We offer a large range of funds


hargreaves lansdownFund & Share Account

  • No inactivity fee
  • Free to hold shares and super low fund charges
  • Free live share prices, continually updated and applied to your online portfolio valuation
  • Place your trades with an easy to use, award winning share dealing service
  • Open an account in minutes with a debit card
  • Invest with a financially secure, FTSE 100 company
  • Set stop-loss and limit orders, real time share alerts and interactive charts
  • Access your money at any time
  • Start investing from as little as £25 per month into funds, FTSE 350 shares and investment trusts
  • Low cost, flexible automatic dividend reinvestment
  • Share dealing costs: 0-9 deals(£11.95), 10-19 deals(£8.95), 20 or more deals(£5.95), Regular savings(£1.50 per deal)


TD Trading Account

  • £0 to open your TD Trading Account
  • Make monthly investments (min £25 per month)
  • Account Fee £20.00 + VAT (every 6 months) OR £0 If you’ve traded.
  • Share dealing £5.95 Introductory rate
  • Trade online on our lowest online share dealing rate when you open a new TD account. After your first 3 months you’ll move onto our Active (£5.95), Frequent (£8.95) or Standard (£12.50) rate.
  • Funds £0 For buying or selling funds online
  • 0.30% Funds Platform fee up to £250,000*
  • 0.20% Funds Platform fee over £250,000*
  • Wide choice of investment options including UK and International shares, funds, gilts & bonds.
  • Tools, research and real time quotes to support your investment decisions.
  • Free shareholder rights service lets you attend shareholder meetings, receive report and accounts and vote online.
  • Advanced Trading Platform directly through your TD Trading Account and build your own customised dashboard.
  • Manage your money conveniently in multiple currencies such as US Dollars, Euros or Sterling.
  • Automatic dividend re-investment service for FTSE 350 companies.

AJ Bell Youinvest

Dealing Account

  • You can invest in a wide range of UK and Irish shares as well as international shares across 21 markets, over 4,500 funds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded commodities (ETCs), bonds and other instruments.
  • no annual fees
  • Online dealing charges are £4.95 for funds and £9.95 for equities
  • Pay only £4.95 per online deal during the month if you placed 10 or more orders in the previous month
  • Shares: Deal online in shares from 21 markets across the globe
  • Choose from over 4,000 funds
  • You can also deal in: Government bonds, Corporate bonds, Permanent interest bearing shares (PIBS), Warrants and covered warrants, Exchange traded commodities
  • Regular investment service: Dealing charge just £1.50 per investment and Minimum investment is £25

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London Stock Exchange
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