Many of us talking about savings think about investmentThere is no denying that the investment in the bank in England is quite bad choice if you want to save. Of course, we can safely and with small profit save our hard-earned pounds. There are several good options of low investment in the UK.

Even the best investments in the UK offer interest rates of no more than two – three percent per year. There is no denying that it is not too attractive. Three percent per year is very much in the case of deposits. This ceiling we will achieve only if we assume long-term investment, and therefore at least two years, and in most cases up to five years. The longer the deposit the greater percentage, but also the greater additional restrictions that must be observed. Very often, we cannot stop such an investment or reduce its contribution by taking part of the money in advance. The total amount of money we can withdraw only after the duration of the investment. If in an emergency you want to withdraw part of the money, we will most likely reinvested so far interest. Deposits, therefore, will allow us to save a small sum of money, which in the future would do well to invest in a much profitable place.

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Most banks in the UK offer us an Individual Savings Account – ISA. These are interest- savings accounts, which have an interest rate from one to two and a half percent. These accounts have a pretty good rate of interest, but in relation to them it is necessary to comply the established rules. Firstly, on the ISA you should pay arbitrarily limited amount of money per year. The British tax office announces the limits, both in the form of cash and shares. ISA accounts may also have children under eighteen years of age. Money on the ISA accounts have the advantage that they are not taxed.

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However, if you have sizable capital the gains on investments may seem attractive, but rather this investment should be perceived as depositing money or protection of money against inflation. Better form of investment will be the purchase of the shares or funds. Despite this, many people choose to invest money in investments, because they are safe, understandable and guaranteed by the government. You always know how much money you get after finishing investment. In the case of investments in stocks or funds you have no guarantee that the investment will return you.

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Investments are not a good option to invest your money. Undoubtedly, living in the UK have many more favorable opportunities to locate our money. Even the best investment will not exceed three and a half per cent per year. The exception is an account with regular payments. Then the percentage may be as high as 6%.

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