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If you want to quickly and easily earn extra money it is worth considering whether you will be interested in completing surveys. Today it is a huge branch of industry and a lot of companies pay for carrying out various surveys and for testing products. A lot of companies want to know your opinion about the service or product. In order to survey was valuable, companies are willing to pay for your work. Currently, completing surveys for money is very popular among young people and in particular among students. Many students, due to high cost of education and nonstandard schedule, are looking for a way to earn at home. In particular, work at home via the Internet is an excellent way to earn money. How much can you earn from completing surveys? The salary is different and depends on the company in which we are registered and which survey we complete. Surveys are payable from tens of cents to several dollars. The time that we have to spend is usually 15 minutes. Sometimes, paid surveys last even tens of minutes, but then the salary will be higher.

Remember that websites with surveys have limits on filling in questionnaires so you should find the greatest possible number of companies to be able to find the ones that interest us and those surveys thanks to which you can earn a lot of money. Work online, as any other work, needs our time, so try to make an effort that it is the best rewarded.

A list of popular websites offering paid surveys

Global test market best paid surveys Global TestMatket

The well-known company in the United States, which pays for filling in surveys. Currently it is looking for people from all over the world.

Salary: cash, vouchers, rewards

Remuneration for completing the survey: about £ 1.20

The minimum threshold of payment: 1000 points ($ 50 / £ 32).

Completing the survey takes usually 15 minutes, which is reflected in online earnings about £ 4.80 per hour.

swagbucks paid for surveys Swagbucks

Very popular website among students, who are interested in working at home via the Internet is Swagbucks. It rewards for carrying out surveys as well as for playing games and watching videos, online shopping or for searching the Internet.

Salary: cash, vouchers, rewards

How much they pay for one survey: 70 points (40p

Bonus for registration is 30 points and if you earn 2500 points during the first 60 days you get an extra $5.

The completion of the survey via the Internet takes usually 10 minutes and you can earn approximately £ 2.40 per hour. I highly recommend this website, because it gives a great opportunity to earn via the Internet.

toluna get paid for surveys Toluna

The website cooperates with leading companies. The company has a number of online surveys and it is looking for information about products and services. In return you will receive prizes.

Prizes: free products, vouchers to Amazon.

How much you can earn: 3,000 – 6,000 points (80,000 points is the equivalent of £ 15 in the form of a voucher)

Minimum salary: 500 in the form of prize, 80,000 in the form of a voucher.

My opinion: It is nice to occasionally receive free samples every few months, so I think it is worth to register at them. They have a survey that you have to spend on them usually 15 minutes. To earn a voucher you have to spend 4 hours in total. Filling in questionnaires via the Internet in this company seems to be paying off.

vivatic paid online surveys uk vivatic

Earn money on surveys in Vivatic as well as signing up at other programs or carrying out different works online.

Salary: cash

How much they pay for filling out online surveys: between £1 and £2.

I would recommend to register in Vivatic, because the website gives a lot of opportunity to earn online, not only for filling in questionnaires, which usually lasts 15 minutes but also, for example, for the recommendation of a program to a friend. Then Vivatic pays you £2.

mysurvey paid online surveys mysurvey

You can earn from £3 to £5 per hour. It is very lucrative job online. MySurvey pays for filling in questionnaires and constantly it focuses on finding new members.

Salary: PayPal account, vouchers to Amazon and other popular stores

How much they pay for filling out online surveys: about 100 points.

Minimum payment: 345 points (£ 3).

Earning on filling out surveys at MySurvey takes usually 15 minutes. So much it takes to get 100 points. It gives you the opportunity to earn online between £ 3 and £ 5 per hour. It is very good offer for young people, who want to earn some extra money by working online.

sureybonds paid surveysSurvey Bods

SurveyBods is a well known company and works with major companies worldwide.

Salary: cash or vouchers

What is the earning for completing the survey: 50p – £3.00

Minimum payment: £15

The completion of the survey takes usually 10 minutes and it is very easy to fill in. You should be honest, because bad completed surveys can contribute to the rejection of the use of the service and account termination.

ipsos paid surveys uk Ipsos

It is one of the largest companies that pay for filling online surveys and also the best. The company is looking for people from all over the world and works with the best companies.

Salary: gifts and vouchers to the most popular shops.

What is the earning for the completion of the survey: ~ £1.

The minimum threshold for payment: £10.

It is very popular website where your work online is properly rewarded. There is a pleasant panel and website, which is very easy to navigate. Surveys are sent every week, so in a short time, you can earn £10, which can be paid.

Earning on filling out surveys is not for everyone. First, you need to have a lot of free time to make it make sense. You have to register on many different websites in order to determine what is most suitably for you. I mean the frequency of sending surveys and which content will be the survey. For this, not all websites are friendly to our eye. Some websites are from many years ago and some meet the latest usability standards and are very easy to use. The best is to find some interesting websites offering paid surveys and focus on them. To this end it is proposed to open a separate e-mail and create an account on Paypal. Surveys for money are mainly for young people and those that have too much free time. Also, most of the surveys are conducted in English. So, it is worth to learn languages.

Of course, websites with paid surveys are much more, and each has its good and bad qualities. Therefore, there is the following list to other websites with paid surveys:

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Paid surveys
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