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ISA is an Individual Savings Account. ISA account is similar to a bank deposit, but its profit is completely tax-free. This means that what we will save we will get this. Undoubtedly, it is much more favorable option, rather than the usual deposit, at which 20 % is just picked up. You can open an account in a bank as an ordinary deposit or as a brokerage account. Then, for the sale of shares we will not pay tax. Comparison of the ISA investments should be carried out from time to time to keep in line with the best offers and if it is necessary to change the bank.

The best ISA investments

BM savings BM Savings ISA Extra

Features of the deposit

    • Interest rate: 1.35% variable / fixed bonus of 0.85% for 12 months

Minimum / maximum amount of the opening of the deposit: min £ 1 – no maximum amount. Account type: cash transfer. Access: Mail, Notes: unlimited withdrawals and deposits to £ 15,000 (reduced by the amount of money invested in shares during the fiscal year) + transfers from previous years

nationwide Nationwide Building Society Instant ISA Saver 

Features of the deposit

  • Interest rate from 1,4% up to 3.25%
  • Open with £1+
  • For the tax year starting 6 April 2015, the ISA allowance is £15,240 for cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs and £4,080 for Junior ISAs.
  • Smart Junior ISA – interest rate 3.25%
  • Help to buy ISA – interest rate up tp 2%

Halifax ISA Saver OnlineHalifax

Features of the deposit

  • Halifax ISA Saver fixed
  • Save between £500 and £15,240, less any amount invested in a stocks & shares ISA in the same tax year
  • Qualifying account for the Halifax Savers Prize Draw
  • 1 yesr 1.15% tax free/AER fixed
  • 2 yesr 1.50% tax free/AER fixed
  • 5 yesr 2.15% tax free/AER fixed

post office Premier Cash ISA

Features of the deposit

  • Save from £100+ tax-free with our Premier Cash ISA.
  • Benefit from a 1.50% tax-free/AER variable rate which includes a 0.85% tax-free/AER fixed bonus for the first 18 months.
  • Accessible: the flexibility to make up to two withdrawals each tax year
  • Tax-free savings: pay no tax on the interest you earn

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