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If you want to regularly save money and increase our capital we need to know the types of savings accounts. Without this knowledge, we cannot select the appropriate bank account, and thus we can do more to lose than to gain. The United Kingdom has a lot of offers directed toward saving. It is hard to decide on something in a short time, because practically all the time the institutions bring new and exciting for us conditions. To which account we decide and what would be suitable for us depends on many factors: eg. the length of savings, ease of access to the accumulated cash and, of course, wish to avoid taxation. Regular saving is very good for people that have problems with saving, because each month a set amount of money from your account is taken automatically and most often it is not a large sum

Instant access savings accounts

Accounts with easy access are intended for all those, who want to, at any time, have access to their cash. You never know what the situation will get in the way, so this option is ideal for those who do not feel too confident. Some banks add to the card to the account that we have 24/7 access to the collected money. Most institutions, however, impose a limit of what you can choose. Looking for the right instant access savings accounts it is worth reviewing the Internet offer. For such accounts percentage rate can change quickly, therefore it must be checked at least once every three months.

Saving notice accounts

As we know, deposits consist in placing money for a specified period of time. The disadvantage (or advantage) is the lack of ability to pay accumulated funds earlier than the fixed date. Deposits have a better interest rate than the account with the possibility of immediate withdrawal. These accounts will allow you to take funds only if you notify the bank. We can wait even three months on the cash. If you want to choose the money immediately, we should pay the penalty. Currently, the British market offers us instant access to savings accounts with similar or even the same interest rate as notice accounts.

Cash ISA

Cash ISA is an individual savings account. This type of account allows us to make tax-free money. With this option, the banks impose some rules that must be strictly observed. One of them is the monthly limit on the amount of money that we can pay to our earnings was not taxable. Although this option seems more tempting (no tax), the account not always has attractive interest rate compared to the standard account. If you do not pay tax, you should decide on the account with the highest interest rate – you do not have to worry that you will pay to Treasury.

Regular savings accounts

Regular savings accounts are designed for people, who wish to regularly and systematically save money. In most cases, the deposits of this type are available for regular customers of the bank. These accounts have attractive interest rates, but also a number of additional conditions to fulfill. Onky mistake is enough to lose all interest. Some banks offer a bonus to its customers in the form of additional amounts of money deposited annually into the account. However, other facilities impose a limit of deposited amount of money. On our website you can see a current list of the TOP 4 Regular Saver Accounts

First direct Regular Saver Account

You must have a bank account

Features of a savings account

  • APR – 6% for 12 months
  • monthly payment £ 25 – £ 300
  • money is automatically charged from our account

National savings accounts

National savings accounts, as everyone probably guessed, are managed by the government. State, in this case the United Kingdom offers us many possibilities. The advantage of this type of accounts is one hundred percent of security. Independently of the situation, we always get our cash. In the UK we can find both tax-free interest, the possibility of partial payment, total interest payment, etc.

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