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We have life insurance and accident insurance and how the boiler insurance looks in practice?

It all depends on the insurer. As we know that carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and in a blink of an eye, it can just kill everyone in the apartment, but also in the whole block. Defective gas appliances pose a serious danger to all residents of the property. In such cases, insurance companies are entering. They are trying to make targeted offers to its customers. Already, for a small fee you can insure your boiler.

What elements may be incorporated into the boiler insurance?

  • Controls once a year. Some insurers offer annual controls of the quality of equipment in the house. As a result, we have confidence that our heating is fully functional, and thus there is no possibility of danger. Experienced specialists examine, among others, gas pressure, tightness of the construction of the chimney, the device in terms of stability, the level of wear and leakage. In addition, we get a special list that will help us take care of the security of the device in our house.
  • Repair of boilers. Insurance companies also offer us the repair of boilers by qualified engineers. Thanks to this, we are sure that will have hot water and heating

Depending on the selected insurance company, we have defined or an unlimited number of calls, we – specialists, in order to repair occurring faults. In addition, it is necessary to determine with the insurer the issues such as the cost of parts and labor (usually they are included in the price of insurance), costs of arrival of a mechanics (most are free), the number of arrivals of a mechanics to our house (some companies determine the number of visits per year).

Boilter insurance starts from 2 pounds

How is it with these packages?

Each insurance company has several packages. Depending on the interesting us options we can choose basic package, for which we will pay less, or more expensive, but more elaborate. The basic services of each insurer is to repair and control the boiler, as well as 24/7 support and annual control and service. In a slightly more advanced packages also we have the ability to control heaters, pumps and flues, as well as sewage and electrical systems.

Do boiler insurance is important?

Although these insurance is one of the most important, it is not so expensive. Some companies offer full protection of central heating for two pounds per month. Practically everyone can afford to cover such costs. Of course, the more extensive the policy, the more you pay for it. It should read carefully the terms of the agreement, as from it we can get to know whether the insurer covers the costs of buying a new boiler, how often can we ask for free repair or whether there is a possibility of intervention in the night. In order to choose the best option you should be familiar with the online comparison of insurance or ask about insurance boiler during the purchase of another.

Different types of boiler insurance

Insurance companies offer many types of boiler insurance, so remember that when you decide on the choice of insurance you should get acquainted with offer of the insurance company.

This is the basic version of the insurance and also the cheapest. The policy includes the control and repair of the boiler and nothing beyond it.

The composition of this insurance policy includes a standard water heater and additional protection against damage caused to the central heating system (such as pipes and radiators) as well as heat pumps.

Comprehensive insurance includes boiler, central heating and other additional components that are dependent on specific policy.

Where is the best to buy boiler insurance:

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies are on comparison websites, so you should take advantage of specialized insurance companies, and check the offer of gas and electricity suppliers.

energy help line

Compare prices of major suppliers in the UK market as British Gas, ScottoshPower and others from £ 6.5

Home energy service

Home Energy Services is a company specialized in providing insurance policies for all parts of our heating system. What is more, you can find information on how much the same policy would cost in competition.

Finally, I want to emphasize that in order to increase savings from buying insurance online, you should immediately benefit from the cashbackwebsites. We get discount of dozens of pounds.  So before you decide to buy insurance you should check available discounts.

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Boiler insurance
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