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In recent times, looking at the situation of young British drivers, I noticed that almost one in two people ask themselves the question – how and where we can get cheap car insurance? As far I’m aware young drivers are treated by insurance companies in the UK almost like the participants of accidents and they demand for insurance even three times more pounds than from older, experienced drivers. In my article, I will present a few ways in which drivers will be able to reduce your premium and even begin to ride, because the insurance for young people also needs to be adequate to their earnings …

Of course, a chance for insurance for young drivers in the UK starts with the selection of the car, which the driver will be drive in the future. Unfortunately, or fortunately, in England there are over 50 different car insurance groups. Future drivers buying their first car automatically decide on the third party insurance in a given group (dependence on the car), so it is worth before buying to see in which insurance group is vehicle. In general, I can say that much cheaper and smaller cars with low engine capacity are much cheaper to insure, but those costly, faster and larger are much more expensive policy. That is why insurance for young is best to check through the target group of insurance on the car. A nice option is the comparison of third party insurance. You can find there a list of the cheapest car insurance in the UK. What is more, comparison of insurance can help to match not only the vehicle but also other additives, which can be saved.

How to find insurance for young drivers in the UK?

I hint, which I gave is not everything that you can do in this topic. Young drivers can also reduce your premiums by other means. Therefore, I strongly advise against accepting the valuation in the first insurance company. You should remember that the more the mentioned comparison websites and brokers, the greater chances of finding a cheaper policy. Creating your comparison it is best to play with options to see how determined the choice affects the final price of insurance. Check also carefully what elements of a form we can change … a huge importance has the same type of insurance.

Here, I will emphasize the most important options to choose from in insurance programs throughout the country:

  • Comprehensive insurance, which protects us regardless of who was responsible for an accident
  • Third Party is the lowest type of insurance, in case of a collision from our fault, cash will be paid only to the injured person.
  • Fire and Theft – we have protection from fire or even car theft

Of course, car insurance in the UK has its price – Comprehensive insurance is here rather the most expensive, but it happens sometimes that is cheaper than the other. On the question whether it is worth to buy Comprehensive insurance, I answer that it does not. A simple reason – too expensive, and if the value of our car does not exceed a few hundred pounds, this option is not entirely profitable. Whether you choose this option or not, it is always worth checking the premiums paid for all types of insurance, because sometimes it happens that the Comprehensive insurance is cheaper than a Third Party.

Another element worth of the comparison is Excess – voluntarily declared amount of money that we will pay in the event of a claim, in short it is called – claim. Thanks to the Excess service, the higher the insurance for the young, the lower the premium! However, setting the high amount of money, you must remember that we cover a large part of the expenditure for the repair of a vehicle of your own pocket. Now, you should mind that entering data into the form, we need to think about how many miles we drive in a year and you should not here inflate their numbers, because then the price will rise for the third party insurance. Therefore, it is better to give fewer miles, unless you happen to cross it at the end of the year, then we can always inform the insurer and the surcharge on our part. Browsing through websites and looking for different offers I realized that car insurance in the UK is not a trivial task, especially for a young driver. Therefore, another thing worth to experiment is our job. Here in England, some professions have similar names (at least some), so choosing the right one you can reduce the price of your insurance. What about an example? Here you are:

young driver car insurance

We just have to assume that we are working in the warehouse as a Storeman. For your car insurance you will pay annually about £ 1000. In such a situation, we change the name of the profession on Warehouseman and then instead of £ 1000 we wll pay £ 960 – saving almost £ 40. Browsing websites like Job Picker Tool we can compare several professions and see what discounts which includes – I checked and it works. However, you should remember that choosing related professions, choosing this, of which our work has nothing to do is a fraud and if our insurer detects it a break or our insurance will not pay money for damages! So be careful on car insurance in the UK, in order to not be left with nothing.

Another equally effective solution could be that you will attach to your insurance policy an older and experienced driver with great experience – No Claims Discount. This need not necessarily be our family, just a good friend, a more experienced behind the wheel than you. You just have to ask for permission and attach it to your policy. A friend does not have to drive a car in order to reduce the premium. Although the settlement of insurance we have to check doing the valuation with the person and without his/her. I also know that a few hundred pounds is a very large expense, but only if we set aside cash or credit card 0% on purchases, you should try to pay the entire premium for the first year in advance. Then, maybe this cheap car insurance in the UK ,,may be true” Why such a move? The reason that a very large majority of insurers include interest payment each month, it is sometimes even 16%!

How to find cheap insurance for young drivers?

Now, I propose to organize all this information and present this in a list proving that the way that insurance for young drivers in the UK can be attractive, provided that you „wheel and deal”.

Firstly, in order to car insurance in the UK was profitable, you must purchase a car with low insurance group. This is the basic point of good and reasonably cheap insurance.

Secondly, comparison of third party insurance and comparison of security are the basis of to accurately perform a valuation of several policies, for example: confused*, uswitch*, quotezone* or to instruct another company such as ingenie*. Of course, not all companies you find on the comparison website, for example, Direct Line. Here, it is also worth to visit some brokers, who specialize in insurance. We compare and check the exact price of policies for both comprehensive as well as for Third Party and Fire and Theft.

Third step at the same time to reduce the policy may be to attach to it an experienced driver. It may be here just like family or a close friend, who has a large discount for blame-free driving. Here at once I warn all, that this person should at least once in a while use of the car and can not be the main driver. Otherwise it is a fraud, which is prosecuted by law.

The fourth way is to fill out a form online in the comparison of the insurer and on the website of the broker. By checking both forms, we can see that the price is better when entering different data, such as excess, the number of miles, occupation, where we keep the car. Ideally you should choose the statement, which gives you a low price, but that also does not break the law. The idea is to give the truth (far-fetched truth is better than the illegal lie).

The fifth way is to pay in advance for the entire year, of course, if we have adequate supply of cash. Then insurance for young people can be really profitable.

The sixth point includes direct car insurance in the UK, that here we reflect on the telematic or black box insurance. And the first, so the latter is responsible for a special type of insurance for young drivers, which in the car is mounted a device, which monitor driving, form – a black box – interesting and at the same time an ideal solution testing to date the flow of ride, speed and even mileage. The driver receives here every week an overall assessment. If the ride is correct, the driver receives bonuses. On average every three months, he receives a cashback and some discount on the next premiums. Is this profitable option? To a large extent, it is dependent on driving style, if we go smoothly, in accordance with the rules, it can significantly reduce our contribution. As everywhere else, here we were a small hook, if we decide on, black box ‘, we must remember that reckless driving can cause that our insurance may be more expensive than standard! Sorry, but this is not the end of restrictions – a driver can also ride at night which can be embarrassing – driving after curfew is „prohibited”.

Summing up the whole my article, I conclude that the cheapest car insurance in the UK is available, but only for those who, wheel and deal. Everything, of course, has good and bad features,, I only hope that the information that I gave here, although a little help you especially young drivers in getting cheaper and at the same time convenient for your car insurance. Of course, there are plenty of ways, but the ones that I gave are probably the most popular. For my part, I can only invite you to my reading and use of certain clauses, which I think are essential to achieve an adequate car insurance.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to read the article about car insurance in the UK and the entry on the blog about different types of insurance in the UK.

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Car insurance for young drivers
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