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Before you decide to choose the right car insurance, we must carefully acquaint yourself with the offer prevailing on the British market. What affects the price of the policy? It depends on many factors. In fact, every insurance company takes into account different factors, although there was a group of factors that are repeated. It is: driving age, experience, the type of license, parameters of our vehicle, how long we live in the UK or whether we add additional drivers, whether we have discount for damage free driving, where the car is held at night, home address, as well as accidents and liability claims in the past five years. Looking for adequate insurance we have to have all these factors in mind.

Before you choose an insurer that interests you, see all available possibilities using comparison websites of insurance offers. We especially recommend because of the fact that this system contains offers of more than 120 insurers. Comparison service allows us to save not only time, but also money. The same policy can be more expensive with one insurer up to 200 pounds. Additionally, the service allows you to choose the most interesting option through the filter of the search.

To reduce slightly the cost of our insurance, it is worth to add the name of a partner, as a second driver to the insurance. Some societies respectively take into account the profession. Check whether your job is on the list as empowering profession for a discount. Even if it’s not on the list, and you are doing a similar job, you can choose to enter profession as yours. Before you decide to insure your car, it is necessary to install an alarm. We recommend this especially in more new models of cars. In older cars it is not always profitable. Safer car in the eyes of our chosen insurance company may result in lower insurance costs.

What are the most effective methods to reduce car insurance? Some insurance companies take into account the test of Institute of Advanced motorists. Thanks to it, we can save up to 10%. Another essentially important thing is the garage. Car park at the night in an enclosed space significantly reduces the risk of theft and destruction, and therefore we can seek to a greater discount. The more policies you have registered or your family with one insurer, the less you pay for another one. This allows us to reduce our insurance by a further 5%. The big savings gives us a combination of car insurance with insurance in the event of a fault.

Ways to lower your car insurance is really a lot. Apart from this, on which option you choose, remember that it is always worth paying in advance, rather than in installments. In the case of this second option we will always pay more, even about £ 55. Consider also whether you need to insure your car on „business” insurance or you only need „family” insurance, so to drive with your loved ones. The drivers usually pay higher insurance for business vehicles.

Where is the best to buy car insurance?

Also be aware that not all insurance companies are on comparison websites. Companies such as Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich are available in the traditional way and to get to know their offers you must do the simulation on their websites.


Finally, I want to emphasize to increase savings from buying insurance over the Internet then you should immediately benefit from the topcashback.

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Car insurance
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