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When buying a house or an apartment in the UK, certainly the first thing we think is insurance. Home insurance is a special kind of insurance that protects us in case of total or partial destruction of our property, for example, in case of fire, collapse or flooding, as well as our belongings, which are inside, for example, in case of burglary, theft or fire. We can choose to insure the property without its interior – building cover, insure the contents of our building – contents cover or both things at once – building and contents cover. In the case of home contents insurance, we have to choose the option called accidental damage – insurance against accidental destruction of our stuff, eg. in case of contamination.


To insure the property we must be its owners. In case of hiring just the landlord insures the building, and we can decide to insure the contents.


Many of us are asking: how to reduce home insurance in the UK. Before you choose a suitable policy, we need to consider what really we need to insure: building, contents or both. If we decide on the protection of the building itself, we should not deliberately inflate its value. In practice, this means that we should insure the property on the value of the complete reconstruction of the building, rather than on the market value (provided that it is lower than the market value). We must also remember to add the cost of rent of the property during the reconstruction of the building.


In the case of insurance of property contents is somewhat different. Insuring the content we have measured all the things in our house from the TV, refrigerators and washing machines, and ending on clothes, curtains or DVDs.


If we decide to specific insurance, it’s time to use the comparison of insurance policies. We recommend The more bids we browse the greater chance that you’ll find something suitable for everyone. Both insurance companies and banks attract customers many bonuses in the form of cashback or discount. Higher-benefit can get those, who already have an account in the given institution or they has not had claims on their account in the past few years.

Price reduction of the policy

Voluntary excess has a significant impact on price reduction of the policy – the amount of money, which we declare to pay in the event of a problem with our property. And, the minimum amount of money has an impact on the price of insurance. In addition, the more solid house security: burglar alarm, security door, certified locks, etc. you can cut insurance by up to 7.5%.

Price of home insurance

The final price of home insurance comes relatively low, so it is worth thinking about it. Comfort and also peace flowing from the knowledge that our property is duly protected, make us feel safer. Although not everyone can always afford to pay in advance, in this case we opt out of the installment, because it is slightly more expensive. Interest may be as high as 20%. If you currently do not have such an amount of money, it is tempting to use the credit card and then pay off it in the next 50 days.

Where is the best to buy cheap home insurance:

Also be aware that not all insurance companies are in comparison websites. Companies such as Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich are available in the traditional way and to know their offer you must do the simulation on their websites.

See other insurance companies, which are not available in comparison websites.

The company provides up to 20% discount if you decide to purchase a policy online.


Company will give a discount of 20% to 40% if you purchase the insurance online and fulfill certain criteria in the event of a reduction of 40%.

Finally, I want to emphasize that to increase savings from buying insurance over the Internet, you should immediately benefit from the topcashback website.We can get dozens of pounds of discount.

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Cheap home insurance
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