cheap pet insurance

Cheap pet insurance

Some people think that pet insurance is merely a whim or fad. However, owners of pets have completely different opinion on it.  Pet insurance is one of the most common insurance in the UK. In some countries, we can further insure exotic animals and birds. These insurance policies are not expensive. The price depends primarily on the species of the animal and often its size.

Virtually every insurance company in the UK has in its offer the insurance of a dog or cat. In fact, we can choose a lot of options. Every owner of pet can buy the liability insurance in case of causing personal or financial damage by your pet. Additionally, you can also purchase a life insurance policy of a dog or cat, and even insurance covering the costs of veterinary medical care, so health insurance. Interestingly, statistics say that more often we choose to insure our pet than ourselves.


Often the cat insurance includes both liability insurance and pet health insurance. This service applies to medical expenses resulting from sudden illness of a cat or unfortunate accidents, losses for the owner as a result of sudden deaths or sleep of a pet, the costs associated with the burial or disposal of corpses. In addition, some societies also cover costs related to the claims of people injured by a cat eg. as a result of property damage, or the incident caused by the pet.

Dog insurance guarantees us the reimbursement of medical expenses, arising due to the sudden illness of a pet or an accident, the expenses incurred as a result of its death or the need for sleep, as well as reimbursement of costs resulting from the burial of a dog. Moreover, in the case of a dog liability insurer covers the costs of the caused damage. In addition, some companies also cover costs related to the accident causes by our dog or claims by third parties that have been bitten by the pet. There is also the possibility to insure your pet from diseases borne by the owner or another animal found in the house, as well as from accidents, for example, fire or flood.

Buying insurance for your pet

Before the signing the agreement with the insurance company, you should examine exactly what the policy does not cover. In most cases, the insurer does not cover costs related to the treatment of diseases that occurred earlier than buying the insurance. In addition, he renounces costs related to: pet illness, result from negligence of immunization, dental treatments, rehabilitations or dentures, access of vet to a sick animal or transport of the animal to the clinic and diseases caused intentionally or caused by negligence of the owner.

Where is the best to buy pet insurance?

Finally, I want to emphasize that in order to increase savings from buying insurance over the internet for our pets, you should immediately benefit from the cashback websites. We can get discount in the amount of dozens of pounds.  So before you decide to buy insurance, you should check for available discounts. Also, it is worth doing simulations of insurance costs on the most popular price comparison websites.

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