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Everyone legally working in the UK are entered in a special Worker Registration Scheme. This obliges them to pay contributions of the insurance  – National Insurance Contributions, and thus they can use from the National Health Service. Practically it looks the same in the case of self-employed people. They also pay health contributions.

Every insured person at the beginning of the insurance period, should choose a family doctor in the village, where he/she currently lives – General Pratitioner. If he works within the national health service, the service will be totally free. Of course, nothing stands in the way we sign up for a private doctor, but we will be obliged to pay a fee every time you would benefit from the service. The general practitoner gives us help in case of current affairs, and to refer to individual professionals (except ophtholmogist and dentist). It should be noted that to certain practitioners you must wait even a few months.

Are you satisfied with the free health care?

Free medical care does not include an ophthalmologist, and thus the visual inspection and selection of glasses, as well as it does not include a dentist. The latter under the NHS is paid, albeit it costs much less than we would have gone private. Finding a dentist, who has free place on the NHS is little short of miraculous. Dental care is free for pregnant women and people under 18 years of age.

There is a group of people in England, who does not pay for any medical services. These include pregnant women, and for twelve months after birth, children under the age of sixteen, pupils or students uner the nineteenth years old, as well as people over sixty years of age.

People, who are in the UK temporarily, or only as tourists, should buy the European Health Insurance Card. The completed application on its receipt must be submitted to the Regional Department of the Fund. With this card you will have the opportunity to free or partially free state health care in the country in which you are staying. With this document, you have exactly the same rights as a person working legally in the UK and having health insurance.

Life insurance and diseases starts from £ 5 per month, or it is worth it?

What kind of policy should you choose?

If you buy health insurance you should compare offers of insurance companies with each other, because they can vary in terms of protection for specific diseases. In the case of Churchill it covers only 41 specific diseases and liverpool victoria protect us from 64 diseases. So before you buy the insurance, you should take a look at the range of different companies.

Is it worth buying a policy?

Over the years, we are beginning to catch various diseases and I do not mean the flu. More and more people suffer from cancer, Alzheimer’s, brain inflammation, organ failure as the liver and many other diseases about which we learn just when someone is sick, or someone among our relatives.

Where is the best to buy health insurance:

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies are on comparison websites, so you should take advantage of specialized insurance companies.

Finally, I want to emphasize that in order to increase savings from buying insurance online, you should immediately benefit from the cashback websites. We can get discount in the amount of dozens of pounds. So before you decide to buy insurance, check for available discounts.

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Health insurance
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