mobile phone insurance

Mobile phone insurance

Insurance companies in the UK offer us really a lot of favorable policies. One of them is the possibility to insure our mobile phone. I must admit that it is a tempting option given that most of us have now a very expensive phones. It is also worth considering that the price does not constitute here the main reason of the insurance. Currently, the phone serves us not only for calling or sending text messages. Modern models have countless features that allow us to conduct your own calendar, save the most important events, control the budget, check the status of health, talk with friends and family for free, etc. We cannot conceal the fact that the mobile phone has become something of a mini-computer that contains all of our innermost secrets, as well as news, which are very important, or nobody should know it. That’s why insurance of the mobile phone appears to be essential.

In case of other, more common insurances we have a simple ability to check the lowest bids – just for this purpose – you can use the Internet comparison websites, but in case of the mobile phone insurance is not so simple. By purchasing policy for all sorts of goodies we cannot check all the available offers in one place. This involves countless devices on the market, not only of different values, but also of different ages and different purposes. So what should I do to not overpay, while protecting your phone?

The easiest way is to give up this type of insurance. If we take care of your equipment, our work is completely safe. We do not travel too much, so we do not have the possibility of losing our phone, and by the way do not have the children, the loss or damage to such gadget is virtually impossible. If the risk is small, it is not worth buying additional insurance. Of course, we are unable to rule out unpleasant situation on 100 % and in the event of damage of equipment, you will have to pay  for the cost from your own pockets.

If, however, we are determined to buy a mobile phone insurance, you should consider a proposal from your bank. If you have payable account, in exchange for a fixed monthly fee, not exceeding ten pounds, you can buy some of the insurance offered to you, including mobile phone insurance. Only for ten pounds, we are able to insure not only our phone, but also the whole family and to the amount of 1,000 pounds. The money is paid when we lose our equipment, we will destroy it or damage. Both phones on contract and on PAYG are the most often insured. Moreover, this type of insurance also applies abroad. Some banks also offer us an interesting option: if you lose your phone and use it through a third party, the bank will cover the cost of our bill up to 2000 pounds.

Mobile phone insurance, as well as insurance of other electronic equipment can be bought not only in the bank, but also in each insurance company. It is worth asking about the details of such an option on the occasion of buying another policy. Remember that the more links with a given institution the greater discount or benefits.

Cheap mobile phone insurance

If you decide to buy insurance, it is worth to consider an external company, because from £ 5, we can insure your phone. Of course, each supplier as EE, O2 etc. provide us with insurance, but it will be higher. I recommend insurance2go. company. You can also check  switchedoninsurance (mobile phone insurance from £5.00) and protectyourbubble (mobile phone insurance from £6.99).

Belowe is the table comparing insurance prices of the Samsung Galaxy S5 dated on 30th October 2014.

Provider monthly premium annual contributiona Instant Cover
Insurance2go £6.49 £64.99 Yes
Budget Mobile Cover £6.99 £79.69 No
Gadget Buddy £7.49 £89.88 No
Protect Your Bubble £7.49 £89.88 No
Endsleigh £7.96 £95.61 No
i-Digital £7.99 £87.90 No
Buy Mobile Phone Insurance £7.99 £95.88 No
Insure My Mobile Phone £8.75 £105.00 No
Insure My Pocket £9.99 £99.90 No
EE £10.00 £120.00 Yes
O2 £12.50 £150.00 Yes
Vodafone £12.99 £155.88 Yes
Carphone Warehouse £14.99 £179.88 Yes

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Mobile phone insurance
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