Moneygrabbing decided to support the needy

My dear reader of this blog, in gratitude for your time thanks to which my blog receives some income from systems such as google adsense or products recommended by me (see the post on passive income), and I sometimes obtain financial benefit, and I am very happy because it brings me closer to my plan, i.e. being a renter, therefore I decided to share the part of the profits with the needy. I hope that you will also give a few pounds for the needy. Every month I will give a certain sum for the needy and this is my gratitude for your presence on this website.

I read many blogs of people who publish how much they earn in the Internet. I assume that this mobilizes many people for action. I hope that my list will mobilize people to help themselves.

Thanks to you, I support the needy. And, also you are helping these people.

Moneygrabbing decided to support the needy

Donations by moneygrabbing

Up to now: £148. In 2016 I supported the needy with £87

  1. January 2017: £8  for Victorii
  2. February 2017: £8  for Victorii
  3. March 2017: £8 for Wojtek
  4. April 2017:  £8 for Szymonek
  5. May 2017: £8 for Szymonek
  6. July 2017: £21 for Nikolki

If you would like to help them, take advantage of these services:

  1. Poland
  2. United Kingdom

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