10 ways of wasting time and how to change it

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10 ways of wasting time and how to change it

A day has 24 hours that everyone uses it differently. It depends on us, how we spend the time and whether we can achieve the objectives in life. Many people have wasted most of their free time when browsing over and over again the same things or simply doing nothing. You can waste time even without being aware of it. During the day you can accumulate even 5 hours of wasted time. It’s a pity. A good organization of time can bring you, for example, the achievement of your dreams.

Proper management of time will help you get a few extra hours, which you can use to:

  • make extra money if you have a mortgage, this extra money will help you to pay back it faster;
  • pay off the debt from a friend, if he provided you a favor, you can made up to him;
  • spend time with friends, visit long-unseen friends is a really good idea;
  • learn new skills, develop your skills what can contribute up to find a better job;
  • have more fun, different kind of games not only improve your mood, but also help to build positive relationships with family or friends;
  • travel, visiting new places which is an interesting spending free time;

See 10 examples of wasting time and free advice on how to manage your time.

1. Systematic checking e-mail

Checking e-mail during the day is a waste of time. I know that curiosity is hard to overcome and opening e-mail in every 30 minutes also happens to me, but I try to overcome it and it is getting better.

I encourage you to check your e-mail 2-3 times a day, or even one time, so that during the day you can save up to 30 minutes.

2. Lack of self-organization

Being unorganized, you can lose a significant amount of time, which can contribute to stress, if not timely charge and thus, additional interest.

There is a statistic that shows the result of a lack of self-organization. Examples of these may surprise you:

  • the average person spends 12 hours per year looking for things that he cannot find;
  • everyday, ordinary office worker spends approx. 1.5 hours looking at things that are next to him;
  • 23% of the population pays the bills after the deadline. Fees after the deadline involve a cost in the form of interest;

You should plan a day every morning. A well-developed plan for the day will help you avoid losing valuable time.

3. Watching TV

The average person spends about 35 hours a week watching TV. It’s a lot.

My advice is this – do not look repetition of episodes of your favorite TV series or programs. The first impression is the best, and watching over and over again the same part of the film does not bring anything new. Devote this time to something you didn’t do yesterday 🙂 And, the best is to limit watching TV to a minimum.

4. Reading tabloids

Living someone else’s life deprives you precious hours of your life. You should remember that reading about someone else’s happiness or crises in family life of celebrities and gossiping about this can cost you a lot of precious hours of your life that you can devote your loved ones instead of strangers.

5. Daily styling

Unfortunately, a lot of people waste a lot of time every day to prepare new clothes. Too many clothes in the closet makes that a choice of the right clothes for work or for a walk can deprive you of many precious minutes each day. Think how much you can save time and money by reducing shopping for clothes at least once every three months. Putting on the same trousers or a sweater two-three times a week will help you for sure in saving precious minutes.

6. Brak listy z codziennymi zadaniami

Many people are not able to well organize themselves. I also had a problem with an appropriate plan of each day. For this purpose, a list of the day helped me (an ordinary sheet of paper with a list of things to do). Some people think that planning a day requires a lot of time. It is wrong to say. A good plan can be short, for example in the form of a brief note on the phone on the basis of points. You can still edit this list adding another task. Currently I use the application rememberthemilk.com and a sheet of paper helps me because of a simple reason. Things, which are written have more „strength”. What is visible in the monitor is so easily erased by pressing the DELETE key 🙂

7. Spending too much time on social media

Unfortunately, many people spend hours browsing photos on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Increasingly, there are startling data on the abuse of the media. Do not get involved and devote a maximum 30 minutes to browse these portals.

8. Negative memories

Instead of siting and brooding on the bad moments that have happened to you, forhet about grief to others and take the time for a moment, that will be happy for you. Not without reason forgiveness is so important in our religion. You do not wonder why. Negative thoughts and recollection of evil does not bring us closer to our goal or simply to be happy.

9. Multitasking

A lot of people are doing several things at once. Continuous returning to the unfinished work requires a lot of concentration. Before you abandon performed the task for the next, think about whether it will be good for you, and whether you will need more time to concentrate.

10. Nap funcion in the alarm clock

There are many scientific studies that clearly say that pressing the nap button in the alarm clock is not preferred. Many times after a setting of nap for approx. 20 minutes, I was more tired during the day than without it. Instead of morning nap, you get up right away to take advantage of the precious extra minutes. And if you have a problem with getting up at 5 am, a cold shower in the winter will be very helpful.

I hope that after reading this guide, you’ll know how to save time. And you have some interesting insights how to manage your time?


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