50 ways to quickly save money

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50 ways to quickly save money

Nobody likes to save money, because it involves many sacrifices. Below there is a list for quick saving. To do this you have to change your mentality and start doing some things differently even without losing time or without refusing oneself something. With this list, you have a chance to start saving money in a short time.

50 ways to quickly save money


  1. Start to stash small sums of money to piggybank in particular as you cannot save. This activity will teach you to save and most importantly it will free your wallet from unnecessary coins.
  2. Start to use coupons available on websites or in newspapers. You will learn more about the coupons from this site:
  3. If you go to work by car, you should try to get someone to go to work, school. If it is possible use a bicycle
  4. Eat vegetarian dishes from time to time and you will save a few pounds. Try to make spaghetti without meat.
  5. Turn off the lights in a room where you are not present.
  6. Why do you always have to buy only branded clothes? Visit other shops for clothes. Today, all things are produced in China and it does not always go for the quality. And you can save a few pounds.
  7. The apartment needs painting. Do it yourself and save some money
  8. Do you have a spare room and no one does not use it? Keep in mind that hiring a room can be a good idea. Currently, there are many services that allow to give an advertisement about spare room for a long time as for a few days
  9. It’s your loved one’s birthday and you are wondering what exactly to buy. Make yourself look for inspiration on the Internet. Currently, there are many sites and videos showing how to make a nice and inexpensive gift.
  10. Do you like drinking beer or glass of wine at night. Maybe this time you should make a cup of tea or juice.
  11. Start using group purchases websites. I wrote about them on this page:
  12. Signing up for loyalty programs does not give a lot of cash, but penny to penny, and you will always save something. See nectar point, tesco club card, Star Rewardss
  13. Does it offen happen that when you’re out on the town you need to buy something? At this time, try to does not enter the store.
  14. You are in a restaurant and on the question: what do you want to drink, say: water.
  15. Do shopping in stores carefully, or search for promotion, buy products, which are in promotion, you might discover some new interesting things
  16. You want to read the book, see whether it is in the library. Today, many libraries even university libraries are available to all and they have an extensive collection. Sometimes university libraries require a deposit for borrowing books.
  17. Do you like to read a lot, try to use e-books. Sometimes they are cheaper than traditional books
  18. Buy a water filter and you will not have scale deposits and save your own health.
  19. Flu Prevention is cheaper than drugs, so proactively take care of yourself during flu season, eg. vaccinations, healthy nutrition, food supplements
  20. What is cheaper: a change of shoes every six months, because they were very cheap or a purchase of more expensive, but resistant. Sometimes buying cheap shoes is not profitable. Unless you like to change them often.
  21. Learn to say „no”. Very often we are encouraged especially by phone or at the threshold of our door to buy something. Most often such offer is not attractive and very often we do not need such a product and you make decisions about buying on impulse.
  22. Do you have pets at home and very often it destroys your furniture and you need to frequently replace furniture or carpets. Try to train your dog or cat.
  23. You use your phone and you have high subscription and 1,000 minutes. Check how much you really use the phone, because perhaps more profitable can be a phone on card for you.
  24. You like warm in your home. Reduce the thermostat by 2 degrees and wear a sweater
  25. You need a new table or cabinet? See if used furniture is available in your area, eg. on eBay and you save the significant amount of money.
  26. You want to eat pizza and think about going out to a restaurant. Make pizza yourself.
  27. Do you have a credit card? See if it offers cashback if not, change it for such.
  28. You make purchases over the Internet, start using the services offering refunds for purchases.
  29. Compare prices for food products and others on the mysupermarket.co.uk website
  30. Exercise regularly. Good physical condition will contribute to fewer diseases and you will save money on drugs and visits to doctors
  31. Do you want to go on a trip and you wonder what to visit and you don’t have too much money – get out for a picnic
  32. If you are planning travel by plane, find the cheapest flights from various airports
  33. Do you watch television a lot? It’s high time to switch to books and save on energy bills
  34. Do you buy a cup of coffee from the vending machine? It’s high time to invest in a thermostat. For example, 2 cups of coffee from a vending machine for 0.25 pence, give 65 pounds annually
  35. If you use of the company to trim your lawn, you should invest in a lawnmower.
  36. Every week you wash your car at the car wash. 5 pounds give 260 pounds annually. Start wash car by yourself
  37. Do you spend a lot of money in the store? Start to go shopping with cash and you will never spend too much.
  38. You buy lunch in the canteen. Start doing sandwich by yourself.
  39. Do you want to buy a new car from the car showroom, check how much the same older model costs and you will be surprised what a difference
  40. You spend too much on fuel – slow down and save up to 21 on 100 km
  41. Pay bills online. Currently, most companies for paper bills itself imposes a fee from 0,5 to 2 pound
  42. Do you really need 150 channels on the TV if you have access to online videos and youtube. Consider changing to a cheaper package
  43. Cancel magazine subscriptions that you don’t read or from time to time.
  44. Consider carefully buying a car and read about it on the forums and avoid frequent visits in workshops
  45. Do you often benefit from babysitter. Ask friends or family whether they would help you, because sometimes happens that someone just likes it.
  46. Are you going to a nice trip? Prepare lunch sandwiches and coffee by yourself and save on a visit to the restaurant
  47. Do a list of what you have to buy in a store and you will avoid the emotional and impulsive purchases
  48. Did you get a parking fine? Pay for two weeks and the fee is only 50% of the fine
  49. Pay off your credit card on time and save money on interest
  50. You transfer money abroad that use transferwise or xendpay

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