I welcome you to my blog, which mainly provides information about saving and making money and how to cope with life.

About me:

My name is Radek and I have lived in England for several years. It just so happens that I like green grass, hills in the Lake District and numerous castles. Currently, I work and I try to describe on my blog how to save and make money in the UK. Most of the companies are tested by me. Many aspects of life in the UK are new for me, so I try to share them with you on this blog. Of course, I’m. interested in the wider economy, and my goal is to achieve a satisfactory passive income to enjoy being a renter at the age of 55. So I want to show that you can retire earlier and there is a way to do this.moneygrabbing About me

About the blog:

What you can learn by reading moneygrabbing.co.uk service:
  • How to make money online, how to get passive income
  • Which companies money transfer into Polish after the best rate
  • You can get to know the best platform for paying for your purchases
  • How to pay low bills
  • How to do cheap shopping
  • Where to find the best loan
  • How to cheap travel and insure
  • For those who have money: how to invest and where
  • How to save and earn
  • How cheap travel
  • Where to buy the cheapest insurances
  • And many other important information that will help us to live in the UK
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The following products that I recommend, because I use the same

  1. bank account – Halifax Reward Current Account, every month I pay + £ 5 (from January 2017 only + £ 2)
  2. Internet – Currently I has Virgin (number IBO is: 8870608765)
  3. Cash back returns  – Topcashback* – the company pays for buying online. So far I managed to get return payment in the amount of over £ 2000 for online purchases. Imutual* is another my favorite website.
  4. Insurance – I always check in the price comparison where it is cheapest, and I buy a new one every year. Therefore, be sure to read the article on price comparison websites in the UK.
  5. Money transfer to Poland – I make money transfers in Transferwise*, because they have a very good deal and they are always on TOP3 in my statement.
  6. Server – a service runs on dhosting.plservice.
  7. Learning English – memrise is a great and very effective application to learn.
  8. Satellite Navigation  – sygic is currently one of the best GPS on the phone. I resigned from TomTom for Sygic.
  9. Optimisation and organization of your own work: online notebook (probably the best)  evernote.com and application for the management of tasks  rememberthemilk.com
  10. As I have a company I decided to open a virtual office and it is ran by the aeXea company.
  11. I keep the accounts in a free program waveapps.
  12. And two websites help me in the investment issues: stockopedia.com & tradingview.com

For whom this blog is addressed?

Especially for people, who want to achieve financial independence in the UK, but not only for them.

Moneygrabbing.co.uk is addressed to people who are not afraid to reach the peaks and seek to expand their knowledge primarily about saving and earning.

reach for the peaks with moneygrabbing

It is worth putting your goals and look for a way to implement them. The key is to know the reason why we do it. If you find the answer, the way to the goal will be easy and failures only strengthen us.

I encourage you to follow my blog. I try to share my experiences and describe how I strive for these goals. Soon you will find information about my progress.

The website is visited by more and more people join them apparently they found something interesting

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