Azimo – an intermediary in international transfers

Azimo – an intermediary in international transfers

I have used  transferwise* for some time, but I decided to use another platform that transfers personal separate from business transfers, because I make international transfers to personal accounts and accounts of business partners.

And so it happened that I used the  Azimo* to check the functionality and costs. And I admit that I was very encouraged by the promotion of £ 10. It’s obvious that such bonus is always highly welcome. You can also use a number of intermediary companies in international transfers and use the bonuses.

In total, this will be tens of pounds. Of course, if you use the above link, you will get the first free transfer with a discount of £ 10

azimo international money transfer

the best international money transfer

When it comes to the company, it’s quite well known in the market and it’s firmly established. In my ranking of cheap international transfers, the Azimo ranked in the forefront and belongs to my list of TOP 3.

It is worth noting that thanks to the recommendations, you can get a discount on the transfer of £10 and if you invite 3 people, you will get another bonus of £25

recommendations you can get a discount on the transfer of £10

I must admit that the system of transferring money is as simple as possible to operate. It looks a lot easier than  transferwise*.

Azimo boasts that it transfers money to 190 countries and it has 270,000 of cash service points, 20,000 banks and it deals with 80 currencies.

It is very convenient is that if you once add the recipient, you don’t have to re-enter data and you can only use the finished form.

The affilinet  company uses the Azimo affiliate program, if you will be interested in promoting the company. It will be certainly a delight for people interested in earning monet online. The company pays £20 for bringing the Lead.


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