Blogger decided to visit the largest business fair in the UK

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You probably know that I sometimes travel around England to various events mainly organized by the Polish community like ASBiRO Investors UK, or SPIN and some training combined with networking.

But they all have one thing in common. Namely, they’re directed to Poles and are mainly held in Polish

The largest business fair in London

That’s why this time I decided to go to London to one of the largest business fairs in the UK – The Business Show 2019.  

I decided to visit the fair, because of the price – free admission and the opportunity to listen to outstanding entrepreneurs who have achieved success and share their knowledge. And the event of this type gives such an opportunity.

CLICK HERE if you want to see a gallery from the London business fair on my Fanpage.

I also wanted to see what a professionally prepared business conference looks like and get some new inspiration and maybe make some interesting contacts. You never know, who may come there.

Some names of the speakers may be known, such as Rachel Elenaugh, mainly known from Dragon’s Den or Sian Gabbidon, who won one of the series on BBC The Apprentice in 2018.

You can see exactly what it was in 2018:


As for me, it was an interesting experience, first of all a man escaped from the village and went to a big city. This is something and let alone see EXCEL.

It’s just huge. I think I walked 10 minutes from one end to the other. At the same time, three large conferences were held. You can see that this place is teeming with life.

Excel in London and business in England.

There’re lots of people, cafes and restaurants. Dozens of people sit at tables and click on their small laptops and probably they work remotely. It was nice that I went there for pleasure and not that my boss sent me to look for clients.

I felt sorry for these students in the basements. So, at the lowest level I noticed law students, which probably had an exam, because everyone sat on the floor and with great stubbornness tried to learn something there.

How happy I am that I don’t have to study and that these days are over. So much stress and wasted time. Today I wouldn definitely not go to university.

As for the trade fairs, I usually went to various lectures and I listened to experts. Of course, everything was in English and there was also a surprise here.

People speak normally and clearly in English. So, that’s what happens when a man’s dealing with people who learned in the provinces and know only the local dialect.

Of course, my watchful eye looked here and there I looked especially at the badges to see what kind of people come to such events.

Most often, there’re managers. Sometimes I notice the CEO and the funder. But there were also representatives of free professions, self-employed and students.

Also what I noticed was that some people really recorded everything that the speakers were saying. They had notebooks and took photos of each slide.

business meeting in London

What makes me happy, it turned out that no matter if I was listening about branding, management or promotion, many things were not new to me.

Many innovations are familiar to me. If a man is a passionate entrepreneur and learns about entrepreneurship, he has more and more knowledge by the day.

There was also very good sales during some of the lectures.

I talked with several people, for example, with a marketer who works with a government agency that provides low-interest loans for businesses (mainly small and those who want to start). I thought it could be a nice addition, which I’m preparing now.

I also joined the FSB organization (The Federation of Small Businesses). I was promted to do so by legal protection . And, as the adviser notes, the tax office approaches differently to companies that they have protection from the FSA. Well, they had a promotion during the event and I saved on the entry fee.

Business in England is only with the support of the FSB

Who knows, maybe we’ll establish cooperation in the future. However, I made contact with a representative in London and Southern England, and if someone wanted to talk to an adviser from the FSA why it is worth signing up, I can contact him.

Generally, these were two busy days but I already know that I need to develop my blog and probably in the future I’ll want to go to a similar event.


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