Cheap theatre tickets

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Cheap theatre tickets

Are you preparing for a trip to the theater, but it is quite expensive undertaking? The most popular performances cost even more than 50 pounds? Of course, less popular productions tend to be slightly cheaper, and their prices start from 10 pounds, but where to get it and what to do to not overpay for ,,culture”? I will help you and I will try to answer these questions in this article and our main theme will be – how to get cheap tickets to the theater. So let’s start.

How is it with cheap theatre tickets?

One of the best ideas is to buy tickets directly at the theater box offices. We will avoid additional fees, which are charged when buying tickets in agents. Ticket offices are usually open from 10 am and closed about 30 minutes before the performance. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule and for each theater sales policy may be different. Of course, you can buy a ticket online on the website of the theater, but not all have the opportunity.

Theatres in England also enable the possibility to buy a ticket by telephone. This purchase is burdened with an additional charge of 1-2 pounds, but you do not have to leave the house. And you should also be patient calling, because the lines are often busy. Purchased tickets we can obtain by mail or pick up at the theater box office on the day of the performance. When deciding to the second option, it is best to come on the performance earlier in the event of queue and it is important to have a credit card, which almost always serves as evidence of prior payment for the ticket.

Is shopping online safe?

Tickets can be easily found in the intermediate agencies, but when deciding for this option, it is best to use the services of such an agency, which has a proven reputation and belongs to the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR). Here we must know that most agents charge additional fees of up to 15% -25% of the value of the ticket.

The next and most popular place where you can find tickets is – the Internet. Cinema, theater, comedy, drama or romance is everything you can find on the net. Checked pages include:,,,

These last two are group buying websites that are gaining immense popularity. The first is in turn a professional service where you can afford option – buy a cheaper ticket or in a promotion, but also gain entry to the really true ,,hits”. The portal is also ideal for going to the theater at the last minute when we do not have time standing in queues.

TKTS points allow to buy tickets to the theater cheaper about 50%. You can get them to in special booths – Discount Theatre Tickets (TKTS) on Leicester Square and Canary Wharf (Docklands). Tickets of this type apply only to spectacles performed on a given day and you can buy them at most 4 pieces and additional fee is 2.5 pounds. TKTS booths are open 10 am to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 12 am – 3 pm on Sunday. Discount offers in TKTS booths may not include performances of the most popular and may have a limited choice of places. It is therefore important to get in queue before the opening, because willing to buy discounted tickets is really many. It is important also not to confuse TKTS booths with other points offering cheap tickets which are especially a lot of it is around a city like – Leicester Square.

Special online offer is another option for cheap tickets to the theater. If you decide to go the theater at the last moment „last minute – online” cheaper tickets will be a great offer and they can be found at:

Of course, do not forget to find the cheapest parking. If you search the Internet you can even park for free. Many parking  after 6 p.m is for free and how to find it, see page informing how to find cheap parking.

What performances can you find? Where and when?

Information on the programme of theaters in London, dates and hours can be found in free newspapers such as:

– Evening Standard.

– Weekly edition of The Time Out.

– Also in free leaflets and brochures available in many parts of the city.

Noteworthy websites: Official London Theatre Guide, Whats On Stage przy London Theatre Direct.

Slowly reaching the end of the article I have to say that London is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in the world, but to spend there a nice time you do not have to have a thick wallet. Because in addition to the offers of a number of attractions that do not cost anything – they are absolutely free, you can safely find many noteworthy theaters.

Poles in England do not go to the theater

And finally, a quick reminder – what the theater is – is a kind of performing arts, in which actor or group of actors give a live show for the audience. So you maybe is it worth to get cheap tickets to the theater? Feel the atmosphere and can become part of the so-called ,,intelligence” and sit comfortably in the audience and watch any spectacle. If I encouraged you to visit theaters and to buy tickets to performances, below there is a list of the most popular theaters in England:

Theatres in London:delphi Theatre, Aldwych Theatre: Apollo Theatre, Blackfriars Theatre, Cambridge Theatre, Coliseum Theatre, Covent Garden Theatre, Curtain Theatre, Dominion Theatre, Dorset Garden Theatre, Duke of York’s Theatre, Globe Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre,London Palladium, Piccadilly Theatre, Rainbow Theatre.

To find other theaters in other cities of England it is best to use Google and type in specific cities + theater such as: cheap theatre tickets 

List of websites where you can buy a ticket online:


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