Cheap travel

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Cheap travel

In the current world you do not have to be a millionaire to have a chance to see really cool corners of the planet. Just know a few tricks and make the right decisions. Try today to prompt the question – how to travel cheaply and how to save while traveling, from buying tickets from food and to accommodation.

TOP 10 tips for cheap travel

  1. Open to new directions – this remark is ideally suited to the availability of cheap tickets in the direction that we had never considered. With time and a huge appetite for adventure is not something to think about. If you are looking for inspiration, because we have no idea where to go, use the „everywhere” option – thanks to it we can see where in a certain date we can be inexpensively go. I propose to visit Britain and its beauty. On search, select from which place you want to fly and leave empty blank in the place in what place where you want to go. In the place where you have to enter the date, select the month. Then the search engine will find the cheapest connection, for example from Manchester to all countries in a given month. A similar function can also find on other sites. It should start by planning our cheap holiday. Be sure to read the following words: where to look for cheap flights.
  2. You should always keep your hand on the so-called – „pulse”. If we already have a specific destination, a great a seat, but we do not want to pay for it the current price? We can sign to the Alert Price, thanks to which we can follow the prices of the flight that interests us. We can also browse for morning coffee, cheap flights and tickets in promotional travel newsletters.
  3. Let’s be the expert….. in low-cost travel – because this is how ticket prices and other rules about traveling are set is not accidental and you should remember it…. In this case, the rules govern to allow for the best knowledge the use of airline deals. Apparently, you should look for flights in incognito mode in our browser. So I read it somewhere, but I have not yet tested. If you have Google Chrome is a compilation of press Ctrl + Shift + N to quickly browsing sites and in order to do not remain any traces in your browser history, stored cookies or search history.
  4. How to travel cheaply by using the ticket – around the world? Well, here it should be emphasized that a lot of airlines offer connecting tickets, where you can make a few stops and in different places, in our case – ,, England ”. It really is a cheaper alternative than buying single tickets only in one direction. This allows us to compose a plan of your own, a dream trip.
  5. You can also replace the work on food and accommodation – many bloggers who write about traveling, realize their dreams in such a way. We can also take part in voluntary work in a favored spot for yourself where you want to stop, which significantly reduce the cost of travel – in addition you experience something new and do something good.
  6. It is worth to see the world, which we are next to – because if you do not want to travel and you like to understand the language in which people around us use, let’s put on exploring just England. This country can boast of beautiful nature and is full of wonderful places – whether we know all? So maybe cheap traveling toward the British Isles will be a good option … United Kingdom cannot boast great beaches and wonderful sun, but then if someone was in the Lake District knows that there are wonderful places where you can fall in love.
  7. Time to buy – this point rises similar theme to purchase of airline tickets. Experiments based on the constant hunt for cheap tickets and it is often by bus can really pay off in the future. Here, I propose to wait for tickets before you buy them, especially when they are often manipulated, so as to pay dearly for them. Of course there is always the risk that the waiting would miss the optimal price for a ticket, but as people say, who does not ventured, not gains. Observations show that the highest ticket prices whether airline or bus tickets, in the evenings and on weekends. Sometimes, we can get exceptional occasions on bus tickets on megabus, where you can move over long distances for a few pounds, which cannot be said about the tickets on the train

,,Do not get fooled on the type of texts – the last piece of this price, because the same tickets a few days later will cost less.”

  1. Hitchhiking is also the solution – but often it is something that awakens in us mixed feelings. But it is worth a try – you admittedly do not have much experience in traveling that way, but I know many who managed to cross piece of the world by using the courtesy of others. Thus they quickly answered the question – how to travel cheaply.
  2. Direct booking for the accommodation, as I have mentioned, we can save thanks to the volunteering, but what if we have already booked a cheap flight or somehow managed to get hitchhiking in place but we do not think about work, because we only want take a rest? Everything here depends on the place to which we travel, so the place should be compared to our real capabilities with the realities of the city or country. I will try to present to you here three types of booking of accommodation.
  • Trivago comparison or the most popular websites like: or offer good deals, but still they are the sites of a typical commercial nature and they present accommodation usually in hotels or hostels.
  • Airbnb – – a website where mainly people who rent homes or apartments give offers.
  • Couchsurfing – relying on the kindness – is the ideal way to travel cheaply. Namely, we come to someone who gives us accommodation and, in fact, he/she does not expect anything in return….. rarity but there is such an option.
  1. Finally, we should mention about food, because we have cheap access, cheap accommodation, but what about food? And somewhere you should have energy to explore? And here once I say that in restaurants and in typical tourist places usually is definitely a lot more expensive than it should be. Often they count extra money for tableware or tip, but food is not so tasty, so you should consider sometimes less popular restaurants.

And that was probably enough, when it comes really cheap travel. I hope I have helped you a little in this topic. And – good luck.


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