Recently, I rode a bike down the hill in the Peak District, and more specifically in the Langsett reservoir area between Sheffield and Manchester.

Of course, I took a few photos to show that it's a pretty cool place and I recommend going on foot or by bike.

There's a lot of information about this place on the Internet so I won't elaborate, because this isn't the topic of this blog.

I just want to show that there're really cool places in the UK. I feel sorry for those who don't have a car and are doomed to their cities, which unfortunately are among the worst in Europe.

And the sun sometimes shines in this country, so I hope there will be more entries of this type and I will be able to show you cool spots in the UK.

And of course, the neglected section on travels on this blog will eventually get a second life.

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Below the map:

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Langsett 1

Langsett 1

Langsett 1

Langsett 1