Many Poles live in England and if you want to help them learn English then you can show them interesting ways to learn the language. So far, learning associated us with books, universities and hard nights …. I will show that learning of pronunciation and spelling through built-in feature on our smartphone can be nice and pleasant and all thanks to the google search engine. Just you have to type in the search – app to learn English and that is all.

Programs operate by the “Listen & Repeat” functions. Thanks to such combinations without problems we can freely configure the way of listening to recordings to a given lesson by setting the number of repetitions of the word. A nice advantage of such programs is that even the repetition rate and the display of English expressions we are able to set in our discretion. Some app for learning English in its functions also offer Polish translations and phonetic transcription. So you can freely select or deselect items you already know in the lesson and repeat only those with whom we have the biggest problem.

The application for learning English

Frankly, intelligent repetition system based on repetition algorithm is recognized by users as one of the most effective learning systems and an appropriate system and the ability to log on the website to download some lessons to learn along with MP3 recordings adds extra flavor. Learning English by taking lessons and recordings that can be stored in phone memory can be really fast, which is the most important feature of this type of program. We are at the doctor or dentist’s waiting room and we do not have what to do? ?

Learning English online is the best way to kill time? Of course! And here you do not need to have the internet connection to restart the application. A full synchronization of learning outcomes and schedule of repetitions and the results stored on the website you can safely import to the phone and vice versa, so we can send the results of lesson done on the mobile phone to the website automatically at any point in time. We see that application of learning English can be really useful program that always contains a collection of books, notebooks, podcasts, in one place.

The best application to learn English?  It is hard to find and recommend one, because there are many. I am here to try to describe the most important and most promising applications, which of course are completely free.

duolingo1. Duolingo – A programme that offers really a lot of fun and of course is completely free. This application has been recognized as the “Best of the Best” in 2013. This program is definitely changing the way in which people learn languages. We will not meet here any fees, advertisements or not pleasant tricks. We have here an educator at the high school level, without the high bill. The program is a kind of game where we lose life for incorrect answers, and go further if we finish lessons winning the glittering prizes. The application constantly gets new updates and is enhanced. The program regularly wears a „white coat” and checks how well we learn … Our experience in the learning is improved with time, so if we want to learn English fast, fun and for free, there is no better choice than Duolingo. Just type in the search engine – Google Play Duolingo application and we can start.

busuu2. busuu – very useful and most importantly free application to learn English, which operates through a smartphone. In this way we can learn at home or during a journey! Busuu application is easy and pleasant to use, moreover, it reveals learning the language in a rational way. It is used by over 50 million people around the world and was considered as “must have application” for Android in the year 2014. The application offers besides English languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Polish. The main feature of the application is that you learn the basics of using the vocabulary and grammar lessons, recorded dialogues and interactive tests.

memrise3. Memrise – It is above all a kind of Wikipedia of English lessons. You will find here over 300 000 courses created and corrected by the community. Moreover, there are here until 180 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Cantonese, Japanese, Russian, Finnish, Icelandic, Esperanto, and almost any other language of the world. We have the ability to also use the option – learning English online and what is more, every course preparing us for standardized tests such as the SATs, GMAT, TESOL, TOEFL is prepared in a specific way. We are also retake courses to GCSE, A-Level, IBAC and others. Memrise is an application that changes the learning in quite a simple way of learning regardless of the field of expertise, and the comments of this type – “I have just found your application and I am delighted” ,, now learning new words is so easy “. Andrej R – my students say that they cannot break away from this application”. They say that it is very unreliable application, which is not worth to download. More about the system you will learn from the entry: memrise – quickly, cheaply and reliable, ie. learning English words.

LearnEnglish Grammar4. LearnEnglish Grammar – a program that should be included in the bookcase of every teacher, who wants to put in place effective grammar lessons. It is a kind of handbook, which is presented in a very approachable way of combining theory with practical tips to help students properly explain grammar rules. Applications to learn English like this, are useful especially for novice teachers who are looking for ideas and methodological support for people participating in the course. But of course the program can instruct students at all grammar levels and at beginner, intermediate and advanced level

learn languages5. UczSięJęzyka – thanks to this application English learning is faster than ever before and all thanks to the fact that the program is programmed as a traditional textbook for both beginners and advanced. We can find lessons and exercises, which are respectively arranged in training materials that we can have in our phone without lifting weights. In addition, the mobile application can also function as a dictionary.


6. Slownictwo – another application to learn English, which is roomy and fully interactive base of knowledge, which mainly puts emphasis on vocabulary. We can find such functions as bilateral translation and writing comprehension and responses: “I know” or “I do not know”


Applications to study English here which I presented are only a few, but perhaps the most interesting. There are a lot of really commendable programs to help you, therefore, I hope that I was able to help you choose the best application for you. At the end I have to mention that a good way to learn English is also the use of video content from the web, via YouTube, or simply type in the search engine Google Play application to learn English

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If you know other interesting applications to learn English please write in the comments and share your experience with other Internet users.