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A trip to Langsett 

Recently, I rode a bike down the hill in the Peak District, and more specifically in the Langsett reservoir area between Sheffield and Manchester. Of course, I took a few photos to show that it’s a pretty cool place and I recommend going on foot…


Ideas for business in the UK 

Ideas for business in the UK The UK is a place where, according to various estimates, from several hundred thousand to over one million people from Poland live permanently and works there. In addition to Poles who came to the Islands with the intention of…


Parade in Manchester 

Recently, I went to Manchester and accidentally I came across a parade of Irish people on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, on this occasion various events take place within 2 weeks. Last Sunday, on 11/03/2018 I had the opportunity to see the…


Where to set up an online store 

Gdzie najlepiej założyć sklep internetowy Online sales are very popular. It doesn’t require leaving the house, each product has a detailed description, and in the event of a failed purchase, the customer has 14 days to return the goods. The convenience and ease of buying…