Zostałem dystrybutorem Kleeneze

Around two weeks ago I decided to join  Kleeneze* and become a distributor of the products offered by this company. It just so happens that Kleeneze operates in mlm system.

What is mlm?

Kiyosaki wrote that mlm (multi-level-marketing) will be the business of twenty-first century. Working in this system, as a salesman I want to start to build my group of co-workers and start to build a team thanks to which I will receive a commission. Of course, commission depends on the price.

It is easy to calculate that when the group consists of many members, the commission can give a pretty good income. Someone will say that only the first can earn a lot and ordinary distributors have little money. You might also say that the chairperson of the bank earns a lot and all the others earn only pennies. Really? You cannot be a chairperson immediately.

It just so happens that Kleeneze has started foreign expansion. In 2016, the company entered into Spain and plans (this is a natural cycle of growth companies) to expand to other European countries.

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By the way, it turned out that a friend, with whom I cooperated from time to time, told me that his wife built a pretty large group (over 100 people) and no longer has to work (she has tens of thousands of pounds of income with Kleeneze*), because the group rapidly work and earn a lot of money. There are distributors, who earn tens of pounds a week, but there are also those which have several hundred or even several thousand pounds a week.

However, working as a distributor in the situation of a friend's wife was a necessity, because every mother in the UK has a dilemma whether she should start to bring up the children alone at home or back to work. The work of this kind is the perfect job for mothers, because you can earn a lot of money as in normal job without sacrificing as much time as in normal full-time job. And the most important is that you can be with your child.

Why mlm business and Kleeneze is so good

Thanks to mlm I want to train my sales and organizational skills by building a group. I really like the ideas for additional earnings at home. I learnt that an essential thing for building a business is networking, so I decided to establish contacts with people who also want to achieve additional income. In the longer term, maybe arise from it something of interest. People in my group support and interact themselves very strongly.

I also see the potential for foreigners who are already operating under different mlm systems as Oriflame, Avon, FM, Mary Kay and many other companies. Through the use of cross-selling, distributors can present their customers various offers and thus increase their earnings. I also want to show that there are different methods of earning at home. Not only overtime at work is the way to extra earnings.

In addition, new information on additional revenue opportunities appears on the blog. Not everyone likes to invest in stocks, real estate or simply to do some online business. And being a distributor is a little different earning.

Kleeneze mlm onlineRemember about taxes

Another reason to join the mlm system is tax. As you know blog generates income, but I have also large expenses, but not all I can enter in the books. I would like to classify visits to my friends as the cost of my business.

Now I can officially enter in the book from time to time visits to all my friends because now it will no longer collegial visit, but only the visit of distributor and here I can book £ 0.45 per mile. And as everyone knows, we need to do some miles to be able to visit friends, who are spread on different places. Thanks to this, I will save substantial sums. Even now I classify such accounts as the internet, telephone, training, etc. as the costs. As a result, during the year I earn a few thousand pounds. On a scale of ten years I save on the flat. If you do not believe it, consider how expensive is the cost of living in the UK and how much you spend on taxes.

I have an online shop

Another good reason for accession is the ability to sell products. Online shop at Kleeneze* and klife* gives you the ability to easily share links with your own unique tag that is assigned to me. Of course, in the context of affiliation, almost all other stores have the same opportunity but only Kleeneze gives you the opportunity to build a passive income. For the rest, there is only a commission for the sale and nothing more. It is not possible to generate passive income.

Also, the entire variety is very diverse, making it more likely to be hit the tastes and needs of customers.

You do not know it, go to normal work, you won’t gain profits from it

90% of people who read this post have the same opinion as the above sentence. I already have some experience in the mlm system. Once I distributed AVON among friends but that's only because I was asked for it. And I shipped Avon to Poland before several people realized that in the UK Avon is much cheaper than in Poland. I bought products in promotions and large quantities, so prices were fine. But, very often perfumes were stolen at the post office so I let it go, because I had enough of going to the post office and filling the claim forms. Although people in Poland stole, the Royal Mail gave back money. So I decided to send Avon to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I had the best price because everyone still sent Avon to Poland. It was so good that the tax office called me to control, because I used the Allegro.

Therefore, I can here safely say that I see another opportunity to profit. And if you still don’t believe it, I invite you to see the statement of earnings from the blog for January and February and if you are serious about investing a multi-level marketing is a cliché CLICK HERE.

What are the advantages of mlm business in Kleeneze

  • it is not popular among foreigners because Kleeneze works only in the UK and Ireland, there is little competition so you can develop a niche by building a strong group
  • I belong to a strong group, which constantly motivates itself and works effectively with very satisfactory results
  • online and traditional sales
  • After two years of blogging I can use the potential of online business in mlm and I want to check it out in practice
  • diverse variety
  • products, which are needed in each house
  • catalogs are changes every six months
  • the possibility of using dropshipping for online ordering
  • lack of minimum order amount as it is in other mlm systems. If I do not place an order, nothing will happen.

How much can you earn in Kleeneze?

First of all, it all depends on what circulation of goods you have and whether you already have a structure or not.

The following table present the possiblity of making money:

the structure of earnings in MLM Kleeneze

The group to which I belong

If you decide to join a mlm system – and it's very important to have the possibility to join a strong group, thanks to which you will learn how to sell and expand your network of distributors. Of course, you can find hundreds of tips in the Internet, but there's nothing like helping people who succeeded in this. Below, there is an interview with Tracy Sheehan and her husband Dave (I wrote earlier about him), who helped me to join the Kleeneze*. They even emphasized that they are looking for someone from another country in order to prepare for the development of the company and to develop a group among large Polish community in the UK..

On the Internet there is a lot of information on how to sell, how to build sales group and so on. I'm going to create a special section on the blog associated with Kleeneze and a group on FB on the same basis as the Group of Tracy just to focus on Polish audience.

Kleeneze will be another component, which is expected to contribute to the increase of passive income and to bring me to my desired financial freedom indirectly with other projects.

If you are interested in this subject you can call me or write. The phone is always given in the footer of mail, so sign up for a guide on how to save and make money in the UK or send a message CLICK HERE.

How much does it cost to join Kleeneze

To become a distributor as in other mlm systems – you must buy a starter pack, which starts from £ 25. You get the set of catalogues with forms as it is shown in the picture below.

the idea for additional earnings at home become a distributor Kleeneze

Of course, you can buy higher packages and get more bonuses but that's your choice on how intensely you want to collaborate with the company.

The company's offer is structured around two brands: Kleeneze* and *klife. And as in any mlm systems you have the opportunity to gain bonuses. The more you sell the more you earn. Sometimes there are some marketing campaigns, so you can increase your profits.

From time to time there are new products as in any business of this type.

To view the current catalogue offer CLICK HERE.

Kleeneze business mlm

How much money can you earn:

Building a group is very important, because the more the group earns the bigger bonuses you get. Below there is a photo showing the levels of commission based on the sales of your group.

sales plan VP chart Kleeneze

So the more you sell the more you earn and the more your whole group sells the more you earn. Where is a trap? Well, there isn’t any catch. Mlm companies are characterized by the fact that they have a different business model and share the profits with distributors and therefore achieve such good results. Of course there are exceptions such as the famous scams with other companies that what some people have a bad attitude to mlm system.

If you want to know the potential earnings by building a group, be sure to download the presentation: CLICK HERE

The truth is that companies earn millions but do not share it with your employees, but only with investors. And of course, here there are exceptions. Some people benefit from preferential purchases of shares and sometimes get them for free. An example of this are: Skanska and Next.

So if you do not work in a solid company, but only in that one where you get an ordinary salary and nothing more, this type of mlm is the ideal solution if you want to change your life for better.

income examples kleeneze

Summary entry: I was Kleeneze distributor

On the Internet I found a lot of information about sales and building a group. I will try in a few months to prepare the information on the blog and share with you this information in the form of comprehensive knowledge. Maybe I will prepare an ebook or mailing course to people interested in this subject.

Can you make money? Good question, I do not know but I see the potential and after talks with Tracy there are people, who earn on it. But, unfortunately you have to work for it. As I began to blog, in the first year I lost 1,000 pounds, but today I earn money on it. See earnings for January 2017 and February 2017.

When I bought shares in London it was a risk that I lose but who does not risk does not drink champagne. I describe my own transactions on this blog, so if you want to see them CLICK HERE.

Real estate purchase is a risky business, but today I'm able to buy for cash the first real estate in Poland. Therefore, the foundation of all success is a good plan and everything starts from only one: whether there is a potential in what you do, if someone has already achieved success and whether you are able to copy that success. Only so much.

And at the very end, there is a motivating or propagandist film. Please write in the comments what you think about mlm system and Kleeneze.