I have a Nest Learning thermostat for you, which is worth about £200

Today I would like to describe a very nice bonus, which can be free. All you have to do is to move your energy supplier through my help.

Yes, I will help you transfer the energy supplier to the competitive company, where it’s cheaper and you’ll get a thermostat with the installation for free.

The Nest wireless learning thermostat worth almost 200 pounds can be yours and for free.

A few words about the thermostat

free wireless thermostat

A modern look and elegant. It’s got large display with control of hot water. The thermostat recognizes the temperature you like and it turns off when you aren’t at home. Thanks to this, you save energy.

Installing the thermostat is very simple and anyone can do it.

The thermostat can program itself. You can also program everything from your own phone

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How many times have you had such a situation that you come back home from Poland and the house is cold and you need even one hour to warm it up.

Forget this time you can warm the house from the application on the phone and as soon as you cross the threshold, the house will be warmed up.

This is one of the practical advantages of a wireless thermostat.

Will the thermostat work with my heating system?

The thermostat is compatible with most central heating systems. You can always check it online at: https://nest.com/works/ or use the Google nest learning thermostat compatibility checker

Be sure to check the video and see how the thermostat works

The thermostat is available in many stores. I recommend using the price comparison site, because there are sometimes promotions and you can buy it even for 150 pounds.

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I have this thermostat for you completely free

This isn’t a fake, I’ve already described many interesting projects on this blog and if you want this thermostat completely for free then please contact me.

ATTENTION. This bonus  is  only available to residents of the United Kingdom.

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It’s possible to arrange a video call via a platform, e.g. appear.in, where we can talk and where I explain everything.

ATTENTION!!! Of course, there’s a time limit. So I recommend you hurry up before the bonus disappears.

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