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Sign up to a guidebook about saving and earning in the UK

You live in the UK and you would like to reduce expenses, start saving large sums of money and at the same time you would like to increase income with the slighest effort. Sign up now to the guidebook and newsletter of the service of moneygrabbing

Pay smaller bills

In this guide you will learn how to start saving on bills for gas and electricity. You will learn how to choose the cheapest provider and how to effectively begin to consume less gas, electricity and water.

How to spend less money

The guide will tell you about the most popular group websites in the UK, discount codes for shopping and refunds for shopping online. You will get a list of major price comparison websites in the UK

Practical tips

You will learn about various methods of additional earning in the UK. A lot of practical tips on how to live in the UK and not go crazy

jak oszczędzać pieniądze

Agenda of the guide book

  1. Introduction
  2. Cheap bill for gas and electricity
  3. The best bank account
  4. The cheapest car insurance
  5. How to buy cheap in the UK
  6. Is it worth o buy breakdown cover?
  7. How to find cheap hotel?
  8. How to protect yourself for the future.
  9. Where can I find a cheap credit?
  10. How to pay less for electricity and gas?
  11. How to call for free to Poland?
  12. What is cashback?
  13. The most popular price comparison services in the UK
  14. Cheap money transfer to Poland
  15. How to earn some more money in the UK?
  16. How to better learn English?
  17. Is life in England a good idea?
  18. Buying a car in the UK.
  19. What is better? buying or renting an apartment?

£ 1,000 is within your reach

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