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Supermarket online

Tesco on-line allows home delivery of fresh foods and groceries. On the website you will find promotions and discount products, several categories of foods, recipes for dishes using products of Tesco, etc. Furthermore, this website allows you to take out insurance (car, home, pet home, tourism, life, health, etc.), economical packages, bank package, taking a loan  and packages related to travel. With the exception of food, in Tesco we can also buy clothing, exclusive wines, furniture, games, appliances, accessories for garden, children's goods, toys, sporting goods, accessories for cars, medicines and food supplements, jewelery, etc. This website allows us to join the many options and the use of large quantities of additives.

ASDA is another sizable online supermarket offering us on-line shopping and the standard stores. We find in it all kinds of groceries, as well as electronic equipment, televisions, games, toys, clothing, shoes, all kinds of insurance, and many other services.

Sainsburys – shop offers us all kinds of food: fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, baked goods, frozen foods, beverages, food for animals, as well as cosmetics and dietary supplements, gifts, home kits, toys for animals. In the store we can also find many markdowns and discounts. Additionally on Sainsbury's, we can see the offer of mobile phones, clothing, banking products and energy products. on this page you can find products almost perfectly categorized. We can choose main categories: new products, offers, packages and promotions. Among the categories of food and produts of daily use we distinguish: fresh, frozen food, bread, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, beer, kids, toiletries, household, animals, snacks, organic food, home, garden, beauty, health, newspapers, toys, the most-selling products in a given month. In addition, there are also categories which stand out. They are as follows: diet, vegetarian, free, seafood, etc. present to you another grocery store, and also children's toys, flowers, articles for the home, garden, pet shops. The website also includes provisions and inspiration.

As you can see in the UK is a lot of on-line shops. It is a convenient form of shopping, because of the fact that it takes less time and you do not have to leave the home. To order some of our products, we must provide the address and the time at which suppliers can bring it to your home. Remember, however, that in most cases you have to cover the cost of shipping.

A list of popular online grocery stores in the UK