Summarize of the 6 month blogging period and cash report

What was going on for half a year

Who doesn’t like the summarizes? There are many thing to summarize. By the last half of year a lot has happened on blog. I think that it was quite active time, even too much (post has a little slippage so I attached July to the list)

In the following period of time I have written many articles:

  • January 13 posts
  • February 11 posts
  • March 12 posts
  • April 6 posts
  • May 7 posts
  • June 6 posts
  • July 5 posts

As you can see, the second quarter decreased significantly and the reason of that were my big projects such as guideline about retirement system in England and the first online course about accountancy for sole trader.

It is worth to mention that on my second blog, on which I spend less time there was created just 7 posts from the start of the year.

What’s new on my blog

I overcame myself and I have recorded my first two podcasts and it gained good popularity despising the fact that it is a total amateurism. I think the reason why it became popular is the interesting topic.

So far the podcast with Dawid Dowbusz  has been downloaded by 459 times and with Martą Smith by 456. However the guideline about retirement system in England  has been downloaded by 5239 times and 855 people joined to Facebook group focused on that topic.

Facebook rules

The first own product

A blog earns through various recommendation systems known as partnership programs or affiliations and to diversify the sources of blog income I decided to create my first product.

Following the short analysis I chose for my product the  online accountancy  course   remain a niche, unpopular market. However many Polish in the UK direct small companies and they want to do it in England but they have no knowledge about accountancy.

The following course will save many hours because everything what’s the most important is situated in one place and the course was created in the way that will give you the highest value. It is also delivered in form of „fishing rod” no „fish” as many others often do in training field where there are created some „monsters” as seperated modules what may lead to the highest profits from sell.

Here I would like to highlight that my course will be exception because you have all included in one price. I don’t plan to create modules which will be paid seperately. What’s more the people who have already bought the course will get free upgrade with new chapters. You can read about details on a special website with the online accountancy course.

I can act like that cause I work as an engineer so I earn enough money and selling from course is a nice addition to my home budget (what means that I don’t have to be directed on classic commercialisation) and the amount of delivered knowledge is huge. Here you can read more than in free guideline about retirement system in the UK, which has 130 pages.

Blog’s stats

In this year my blog had gained over 155 thousands of UU, what means unique users (statistics after usage of google analitics filters and Firewall on cloudflare – bots and different kind of attacks made by special scripts/bots etc are not included.

In the other situation I might give an information that my blog had for last month only 52 thousands of UU) Amongst others I am happy bacause of drop of the rejections ratio, which in the beginning was: 80% and it decreased to 65%. It means that people want to read about it so I have motivation to create more.

An average time is 1 minute and 50 seconds what is acceptable period of time for that moment. Finally I don’t belong to headlamp of bloggers. The blog content is on quite high level.

blog statistics for two quarters of 2017

The most popular articles:

By the first half of year without even a break, there is one post that stay very popular (thanks to views from google)

  1. Emerytura w Anglii
  2. Emerytura w UK po 10 latach
  3. Jakie kursy warto zrobić w Anglii
  4. Szybka pożyczka
  5. Filmy po angielsku online
  6. Nie mam na rent co zrobić
  7. Kalkulator emerytalny
  8. Najlepsze konta bankowe
  9. Co się dzieje jeśli chorujesz w UK
  10. Benefity w UK

These posts are not my best ones but considering the fact that the google liked it, I have views all the time for that post in website.

blog statistics for the two quarters of 2017 and the sources of entries

Mailing list

I have started selection of mailing list and I suggested to the readers of my blog to add themselves on such lists which of they are interested in:

For today the basic list include 6273 people and the other one is associated with properties of 76 people

The small successes

There is something what makes me very happy. I read books again and the reason was my blog. I wanted to create better content and go deep into the topics about management, marketing and business etc. In books you can find it all highlighted and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for it. I can share with some books for free. It is happening very often though while some of you want me to describe some book.

The reputation of blog got higher thanks to numerous actions both in the real and virtual world. My telephone helped me a lot the same as different departures and meetings with people. I didn’t even think that I would need to go out from home to start writing my blog.

As a sample I can give my meetings with investors GIC, mainly in Leeds and in Sheffield. You can read about it on my blog and the tittle of post is: Never work again or 3-day meeting with 100 investors on Invest Camp about which you can read here: The meeting of Polish investors in the UK.

I have met a lot of interesting people and readers of my blog thanks to such meetings. Sometimes it seems funny when during the conversation it turns out that someone read my blog from some time. However thenthe first ice has broke up cause the readers know a lot about me and it helps us to make a good relationship. We can end the conversation as we want, for example talking about weather. Everyone knows what I’m doing for living and what are my interests.

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The other advantages of such meetings are for example the possibilities to meet interesting buisnessmen and people. In England everyone knows each others. The market in the UK works on the basics of local market. We can compare it to Warsaw or Cracov where the only difference is the bigger size. In the Internet times all have changed.

Earnings on blog (if you want to see this chapter you need to like or share this post)

The following part seems to be the most interesting at all. Is there anyone who don’t like to know how much the others earn? However I manage this section till the end of year to show that on the Internet you can earn money.

The most important is to have an accurate plan and put a lot of time into what you’re doing to create something worthy. When I wanted to start it I remember that many people was saying that I should go to normal work cause writing a blog is complete waste of time and it will not generate any funds.

Below comparison of earnings for each month:

Data UU     Revenues in Pounds           ratio
1.17 28114 £811.63 0.028869247
2.17 18665 £545.42 0.029221538
3.17 17033 £494.98  0.02906006
4.17 20575 £523.2 0.025428919
5.17 23936 £626.91 0.026191093
6.17 26533 £492.88 0.018576113
7.17 31211 £844.95 0.027072186

A factor is an indicator of earnings and it shows that one user UU gives me average 2 pens. When my blog will be viewed by more people, I should earn the amount increased twice. It is not necessarily when you don’t want to buy advertisements. If you would like to buy advertisements, the following factor is very substantial.

Detailed summarize:

  • Google adsense: £680
  • Affiliation: £2203
  • Consultations: £40
  • My own products: £453
  • Collaboration with other companies: £605
  • Websites like cashback: £757

earnings in the first half of 2017

My income for 2017 was 4738 pounds. Naturally it is only an income. The blog generates big amounts. However I have in plans to save money and incomes need to be kept on the current level. Will I be successfull? Time will show. By the last half of year I was working hard and I have made a lot of various changes for example I bought new adapters, software or even the the contact site was changed.

I’m going to write about CRM on my blog with integration of PayPal or callendar. Naturally every device has connection to Internet. Do you have any system working for your business? There are various things that you can’t even notice that was changed or implemented on blog.

It is worth to mention that the amount of 5000 pounds for 6 months may seems to be attractive. However the truth is that this was covered by small amount of partnerships programms. The above summarize presents that I have earned hundreds pounds within one month.

It generates earnings between 5-50 pounds monthly from one partnership program. When you will get many of such not too big amounts, you will own quite nice income.

We can reffer it also to aspect of money saving. Daily we spend cash and lose small amounts on coffee or some sweet food. We can’t plan our shoppings. That is why after a year we realise that during 12 months of working on P60 we have 20 thousands and in our bank account is blank space. Then we start to complaining that everything is too expensive and it was a reason that we don’t have any money saved. On the 4th position you can find the website about quick loan in my summarize.

What you should do to have profits from your blogging

You need to treat blogging as a normal business to develop it fully. Otherwise you can write your blog via Facebook.

What should I add to my blog to increase the activity:

  • A business account on PayPal
  • accountancy on waveapps integrated with paymets in Stripe (what means that my bills can be paid fast by card for example by VISA) it is very comfortable it should be used by more businessmen in practice. I guess they don’t know how to do it.
  • I use application for task management rememberthemilk
  • The most essential information I note in evernote
  • was implemented Social Locker plug
  • I installed a plug Contact Form by vCita to integrate system CRM with blog
  • I manage podcasts via Seriously Simple Podcasting plug
  • I keep my files via Download Monitor plug
  • Accountancy course basis on free template Illdy
  • automation of posts on Facebook trough socialpilot
  • and a few others, I’m going to prepare another post on my blog. What do you think?

I’m going to add the partnership system to my online accountancy course  and I have started to looking for the best solution. I also would like to buy advertisements for my course.

I’m going to write on my blog about sources of passive incomes and those to which you can add a scale. My blog is still growing and I’m excited about it.

My next big project will be bigger than the last one concerning guideline about retirement. I’m going to compile a team. I’m doing it all because I want to go on retirement in the age of 55 years old. When I decided to go on early retirement I had excatly ZERO passive income. Today I generate average 500 pounds per month not includig the capital investments and dividends.

The blogger collaborate with others

I systematically increase a bunch of „acquainted” companies with which I start collaboration on different levels starting from barter ending on pure business collaborations.

notifications from foxpush

My new discovery

I don’t like to overpay and I wanted just only to have a simple notification system (for blog it is too much). For a few days it started to work on the web.

I am very satisfied cause it represents much better level than in the case of mailing. Daily about 10-20 persons add to a mailing list.

I have spent many hours by looking for the best solution (read the cheapest) and I think that I have found the right system. Naturally I believe that there are many better ways but for my blog it is enough. I was looking also the same solution for my mailing system by testing and finally I decided on using the mailerlite and I pay for one year £118 for my mailing list to 10000 addresses.

If you will register going to my link you will get extra £16 pounds.

Plans for autumn

If you you’re not going to plan your life you plan your own disaster. It is important to have short-term and long-term plans to know where you’re going to and where you are now.

In the autumn I’m going to start a project associated with investing in properties and I will be developing my own product, the online accountancy course where I will share with my more valuable information with business knowledge. I want to hear people saying that those 59 pounds is a very good amount of invested money. I would like to get your suport that it is worth to buy this course.

Why properties? I write mainly about money saving. I could spend money on amazing holidays and extra new car (on Saturday working by hours and pay rates by next 5 years) I’d rather to focus on assets buying and I’m going to buy an apartment in the UK. I’ve made the first step sinto my plan. Naturally I will describe it all on my blog soon.

In the spring 2018 I’m going to focus on capital investments, different kinds of passive investing through specialised companies which sells stocks in start-up’s and I would like to know how get tax-free amounts. Do you know that investing in small businesses allows you to get back the 30% and even 50% by the UK government from investment? You will read more about it in a special module about accountancy course concerning the tax optimization.

The next interesting topic is crypto exchanges. I’m going to know more about the ways of earning on virtual money. Firstly I’m going to finish all my projects planned for this year. According to the rule, if the „street” is interested in the following topic, the prices will be noticebly low.

Amongst my articles you will find content about investments in the UK. The current locates are on the low level, below the inflation. Here I will write about peer-to-peer lending, capital investments in companies outside the exchange, properties or corporate bonds.

I can also write about something what you are interested in for example about earning money on blogging. Please write in comments. I will be writing about how to get profits from our saved money as it was written by Kiyosaki in his books. The money must to generate money.

All seems to be so beautiful but is it really how they say?

You need to invest a lot of time when you’re going to write a blog. Those who are bloggers know what I’m talking about. I don’t have time to watch TV (I don’t care) However I have also less time for other things like gym where I go only in the morning on Sunday. I don’t mention here a lot of different things that I could do but I can’t because of blogging.

internal and external motivation

What is my motivation

Luckily I have a strong internal motivation. Sometimes I have doubts and I need a big dose of motivation. I’m satisfied about the fact that my blog generates a passive income in range of £500. Is that amount worth of the whole work? That is why you need to find something else.

Maybe someday I will find some millionaire who will notice my plan of helping people.  Recently I have created such collection on Facebook and we collected for Nicole around 150 pounds, I’ve earned this amount by the whole period of collection.

Invest in your skills developement: in the financial field and in all those which are neccessary in such young dad. The tired and exhausted one. Here’s something from my personal life. If you have children you know what I’m talking about. In that moment I have big motivation, just like the man below on the bike.


In the morning at the hospital in Doncaster. Me and Maria day 1.