The thoughts about the 60 million Congress

We decided to go back home. The whole day we spent travelling and we talked and listened to specialists for many hours and it caused that a decision was made.

We don't go on the ship and go back home. The more so because there a lot has happened on along the way.

Who would have thought that Friday evening, where everyone goes to London – we come back home with a smile on our faces? It's probably signs of old age, because how to explain it. Once a man would give a lot to be in such a place.

But a few people decided that it's worth returning home.

The road was long and tiring.

Return home

My attention is focused on leaving the city well and not breaking the car. After all, London isn’t a periphery, and the culture on the roads is sometimes as in Poland, especially in the evenings.

It just so happens that I have time to think about what I have seen, what I have experienced, what the 60 million congress gave me and what can be done better.

And it all began with Wojtek’s note about the congress. I read something about this event on Facebook, but it didn't raise my interest, the more that I've just came back from the largest business fair in the UK.

But I was persuaded to come. It turned out that I took an additional passenger along the way. I woke up very early, but that's like to live in provincial areas.

Towards the congress

At various networking events, the most common is that a person talks to many people, but not longer than a few dozen minutes. So it was time to discuss interesting projects.

Because recently I was very busy, I didn’t even check what is in the program. Such a small detail that the event was in two places and not in one.

I simply entered the address from the Facebook event in navigation and went to the hotel where the second part of the event was planned. On Facebook, I didn’t see that information.

And I was already happy that I was punctual. But the situation was overcome thanks to Uber and after 20 minutes we landed in the most popular place in London.

There was the question of finding the House of Commons and Attlee suite. Who was there knows that there are some official offices and if you go to Westminster you will succeed in searching.

Fortunately, I live in the UK, I know where to ask about something. I’m looking for Bobby and I get a quick response in the style of “a Polish event, please go straight, turn left, behind this building, where the chimney is and the entrance is from the side of the river”

So, it couldn’t have been better. I wouldn’t  find this place in my life. The organizers assumed that everyone knows where it is.

We enter the parliament, we meet another person on the way, who is also looking for a congress.

For a long time without thinking about Polish fantasy, we say security that we’re going to the Polish event. Then all the doors open.

It’s worth remembering that in such places the law enforcement services have a breakdown of all important events in the parliament.

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Journey through London

And so we come back and we’re in a traffic jam trying to get out of London. My guest in the car is still on the phone and I’m laughing at myself that sometimes it’s worth reading the leaflets carefully or maybe it’s worth designing them better.

All in all, it's not important. The man is getting a little lazy anymore, and maybe I’m overtaking my time and my personal assistant from the google app isn’t enough to let me know about such details.

I know why. I haven’t even installed it yet. Whoever invents it will make a fortune in the next decade.

Because it's still crowded on the road, I think back to Westminster. And, selfie in the parliament is mandatory.

Radek Weronika Justyna

Already in the corridor, we see familiar faces. It's great to come to the Polonia congress and feel that you aren’t alone. You look around, and here and there are familiar people from Hull and Manchester and you realize that you know a lot of people.

The funniest thing is when I meet a person who I watch on Facebook, (I personally didn’t meet a person in person), but once you get to this first contact, you get the impression that you've known this person for some time.

It turns out that not only I have bright colors of the jacket. Also someone else parades in bright yellow jacket standing out in the crowd. According to the business principle of the 21st century, stand out or die in the crowd.

The golden rule of the business of XXI century: stand out or die in the crowd

Michał and yellow jacket

Another lesson is done. A smile on my face that I finally got something from the conference and this isn’t another folder or business card.

Is it worth being well-dressed? Of course it's worth it. Clothes make the man, unless you don’t run a serious business like me and you have it deep respect what others think about you.

In the car

The journey through the highway begins to slow down.

So I think back to the parliament.

I go in and I see that people are already sitting and listening to specialists talk about important and non-important topics. Let us not hide that nothing will come out. But it's great that several politicians will learn more about Polonia's activities in the UK.

Congress for the Polish community in the UK Polonia Congress in London

It looks nice in the media. There’re elites, politicians like ambassador or government plenipotentiary for international dialogue – Anna Maria Anders, former British ambassador in PL and many more prominent politicians, politicians and business leaders.

But I'm disgusted. The Congress of Polonia is in English

But OK, we're guests, we have a few people who don’t know Polish.

Culture requires adapting to the guest. And that we are in the English parliament, we are talking in English.

Because Brexit-style themes, Polish electrician etc. are very boring and maybe they are happy Poles in Poland, but not here – I decided to go out into the corridor and maybe it was too hot and I couldn’t sit still.

Or both.

Mrs. Anders at the congress

Fortunately, A Anders Anders said some interesting facts about Poles in the UK by leading English politics straight.

People were interested in this issue. As I looked at the visitors of those who I knew and who employ several and a few dozen people in the UK and their companies often have a huge turnover, the speech of the politician went a little bit with what the congress represents.

Well, maybe it would be good, but 10 or 15 years ago, not today, where I see that Polonia in the UK begins to come forward with raised head and begins to be stronger in British business.

Radek Weronika i Paweł

And again on the highway

I laughed a lot, because it was getting closer to the turning and we could finally eat something. The whole day away and the man begins to feel hungry.

In the car, we talked about serious topics like: how different intelligences affect the achievement of business success.

I always say that there are as many people as possibilities. The more so because everyone has different abilities and predispositions.

Additionally, some people have better developed emotional intelligence and others have logical-mathematical intelligence.

This is quite important, because with this awareness you can deal better. Sometimes you need to build a team, so it’s worth to surround yourself with people who will fill your gaps.

Conversations in the parliament

The conversation turned to interesting topics, but what was in London won’t be left only in London. So I'm going back to parliament and I'm talking to a few people, while some people are taking photos with known celebrities.

small talking during the congress

It’s a unique opportunity to establish new relationships. But somehow this time I don’t care about taking photos.

I take the map to the bus and run from the parliament, because it was said that the buses won’t wait long and go to the hotel.

we're going to the bus

I don’t need to be repeated twice. I am a pragmatist –  a comfortable transport to a hotel or small talk with the stars of the congress.

looking for a bus

There is no tragedy, there are already disputes on the bus and people are establishing a relationship. Of course, not everyone.

Some people are sitting and, at most, they are smiling at the person next to them.

The wiz at the networking of such conference would quickly get the participants „back on track”. But maybe they don’t take business seriously like me. Networking should be done with your head. Perhaps there was no occasion on the bus for a constructive conversation.

In the end, as everyone knows, I came for a free dinner, which is always good on this type of events.

Some people are thinking in a different place and thinking about the congress and maybe something else.

broken greg after losing

But business duties call and it’s time for professional networking.

in the bus

Monika sits on the bus with me. A very nice person with a huge life experience. So I think that with person I can talk to my FB LIVE. Monika talks about her adventures, business, husband's illness and other details of life.

He talks about life and business at the same time stories are intertwined with each other. Thanks to this it is interesting.

She doesn’t say something like this: I sell cucumbers, so come to me, maybe you buy a few.

She only tells the story something like this: we had such an event that cucumbers saved our situation, because it turned out that suddenly there was a party with a high alcoholic drink and the cucumbers as a snack proved to be beneficial. If not for these cucumbers, I don’t know if it ended.

It’s important to be able to talk about your product in such a way that the other person doesn’t fall asleep after 10s.

Sometimes it happens to me how I talk to people about their businesses or products.

Have you ever wondered how it is with you? 95% of people don’t think about it at all.

Perhaps that's why some people sat quietly on the bus because they didn’t have an interesting story to tell.

After all, silence is a gold and the one like me came for a free dinner.

And if you want to tell interesting about your business, you'll be interested in the google phrase: storetelling for the brand and product.

There is food service on the view

It’s time to turnoff. A quick decision and we go to eat something.

Why a man, knowing that the burgers are not healthy, still orders them? I wonder what's wrong with me.

I’ll have to talk to some psychologist someday. Why do people do things, even though they know they are destructive to them?

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And I'm returning my thoughts to the 60 million congress in London for Polonia.

you're not on the list

I’m queuing for an ID to confirm my visit.

And suddenly I hear: „You're not on the list”.

WTF. What else awaits me today? After all, it can’t be worse, not only that I came to the wrong place at the congress, I also found out that I’m not on the guest list.

But quickly I was added to the list and after the problem. I wonder if there was such a situation that they had to tell such a person: „You can’t enter”.

discussion panel during the congress

And it starts –  a sport called networking. I talk to people, I ask and  I look for business inspiration.

During one such conversation from the organizers' team regarding the next Congress in Berlin, a special application was mentioned. Something like in LInkedin, where you can get in touch with people nearby.


And here is the quintessence of what I go for such events – not only to meet new people or take a photo with the Miss, but just to find out this one information, which will be the key in my projects or people with whom I will work

Because you weren’t there, I have to ask you for SHARE on Facebook. I recommend you won’t regret it.

Is it meaning to do a dedicated application? This is a brilliant solution and nobody uses it. It’ll raise the prestige of the event.

The membership is only for those who bought tickets. It’s possible to indicate what is being done and who is looking for. It’ll shorten the time to reach the right people. It’ll make it easier to network and help a new generation that doesn’t even go to sleep without a phone.

I’ve already talked to a person who works at @ASBiRO Investors UK, where more people with a huge budget and well-known names come than at the Polonia congress.

Not only that, in such an application, you could book seats in such a way as to sit next to the people you are looking for.

The application itself would select participants by choosing the preferences of what I have and who I am looking for. The implementation doesn’t have to be expensive. In India, people will cope with this on upwork or other similar services.

I think that this solution is a change for the better, like changing from Fiat126p to Polonez. You feel that you have more options.

Will this application start? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If you run something similar then there is nothing to wait just to act, Current platforms are great, but they aren’t yours and who knows what the limitations will be.

That is why it’s worth putting on your own solutions. You can enter a scoring system. So, the more often you are in this type of event during the year, then you are in a higher position in the ranking. Thanks to this you have a reservation at the beginning of the hall, lower prices for tickets, you can appear at the top in search lists, etc. There are many possibilities.

The most important thing is to introduce elements of gamification, as Tkaczyk’s already shown that only such projects develop and make sense.

Wojtek during talks at the Polonia congress

It's getting harder on M1

But we're going back to M1 towards midnight. We’re getting closer to home and we fell tired.

Polish congress in English

It turned out that the lectures will be in English. Some people learned of this fact a bit late and they weren’t prepared. I personally felt a big disappointment.

Finally, it’s the Polonia Congress, so we have to speak English. Disappointment is rather huge, but that's my opinion.

Those who live in the UK know what I’m writing about. It's like saying to English in Spain and France that they have to talk about their problems in Spanish or French. Nobody would even come.

Panel of experts

Maybe in the USA, it's normal, because they have forgotten about the Polish language there. But in the UK, the current Polonia is in a different situation. The new generation has no complexes and we have to fight and show that one day they’ll treat us as they treat the Hindus.

It's a matter of time, because the Poles are very entrepreneurial and I see that more and more large businesses are being created in the UK.

A large number of Poles are still making simple jobs for funny money. These are ONS statistics. But because there’re many Poles, many businesses have been created in the UK.

And they will dynamically develop, because Poles are good at what they do.

And this way I only came across one discussion panel and the last one with Grzesiek.

questions during the discussion panel

In the meantime, it was standard, as befits an old networker, I talked a little here, a little there.

I didn’t  miss the opportunity to contact the company, what the event was prepared, ask what media like Polonia TV, etc. think about it.

So the day was very busy, the more that it started very early. And here a boat trip on the Thames is preapring. What I didn’t like, was that the boat was to be moored at the parliament (supposedly).

And time is important to me and the return time is moving again, because I have a car at the hotel where there was a congress.

And how was it? I don’t know this anymore. A decision was made that we are coming back.

It’s a different thing if the man stays in London.  But time, as you already know, is valuable

leading discussion panels

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Thames Cruise. In total, this is one of the attractions of the 60 million Congress.

A za mną jest miss
Participants of the Polonia Congress in London

I ate lunch, tested it and I can come back. Therefore, to say goodbye to the photo of 60 million delegates leaving the congress.

everyone is already on the boat

Finally, it’s the end of the trip

In the end I see the house, it's almost midnight. I’m glad that my black VIPER once again didin’t broke down on the way.

It's time to rest, because I'm going to Oxford for the next weekend and I’ll have to tell people something wise.

I think it's time to slow down and sit a little at home, because I've been spending too much time in England lately. The holidays are getting closer and closer, that's why I'm going to go to the Invest Camp and I think I’ll have enough of those trips.

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In the end, how was the 60 million London Congress in London at the Polonia Congress?

It was great, I met a lot of people, I spent an interesting Friday, I felt that something was happening in my life. I have something to tell. Well, the dinner was very good.

I hope that there will be another edition next year.

How did you spend your Friday?