It often happens that people do not know where to look for work. That is why I prepared a list of websites, which help to find new and better job in England. The new work in England is within our reach

Where to look for jobs in the UK

  • At the time of writing there were as many as 248,924 job offers.
  • At the time of writing this article, on the website were 123 922 job offers, which were offered by the 5623 companies mainly by the agency of work but this is the standard in the UK market.
  • If you are looking for a job in a hospital then this website is perfect for you. There are job offers published by NHS – polish counterpart of health services. Today, there have been 14616 job offers.
  • This is a website of a popular newspaper in England. There you will find not too many job offers, but I want you to show that most newspapers have special pages and supplements in newspapers with job offers in particular local newspapers may copper interesting offers of work.
  • Are you a teacher and looking for a new job then this website is for you. Now on the website are 4623 jobs related to education.
  •  Popular website with job offers, not only in England. If you are looking for a job in the UK you are compulsorily have to post your resume there. There are currently 85,000 job offers.
  • Another popular site in the UK with many job offers.
  • It has 18502 job offers in its database.
  • One of the better websites with job offers in the UK has in its database at the moment until 130.844 job offers from 10131 companies. You neet to visit it every day if you are looking for work in England.
  • website is designed primarily for engineers.

To test the service I decided to look for a job on such websites for the electrician in London. Work in London for countrymen is still the most popular. Distance for the search was set at 10 miles. Below, there are the results of the job:

The above statement has only to present that as you will not find the best website with job offers for your business, you can find very few offers of work. It is known that nurses will look for a job on and forget about Work in London is available for our electrics, but it is best that they should began to look at and

In addition to standard websites with work it is worth to visit website, job offers from multiple services to work in one place are published.

Of course, there are a lot of websites with job offers, better and worse can be found. However, I try to show the most popular in the UK. If you are looking for a job, you have to compulsorily register on most of them, add your resume and allow to search of your CV by employment agencies.

Jobs in the UK

If you care about a new job, you have to register directly at employment job agencies, you can do so directly in your city, leaving your CV in the employment agency. The addresses you can be found in google maps. Type in a search engine words such as, Leeds + agency + job


Where to look for jobs in UK


The second way is to type in the Google search engine  and we can add from what areas we are looking for job, for example:  agency + job + engineer

It just so happens that in England most of the jobs are offered by agencies, but it does not mean that you have to work for the agency, it is only an intermediary between you and the employer. On the market there are two types of job offers for the agency: opened and closed. Open means that one job may be offered by a number of employment agencies and closed means that only one employment agency works with the employer, this most often happens for a specified period of time.

For example, Land Rover has opened a new company and needs many professionals therefore it has its own page with job offers at where you can apply directly to the employer. If you are very good, you will be invited for an interview and pays for eg. air travel and the cost of accommodation with meals and taxi.

But such conditions offer the best companies in the UK.The last way to look for work in England is the application directly to the employer. The biggest companies have very often their own HR departments and employees themselves or carry out searches in close cooperation with the employment agency. Therefore, we look at the websites of the largest companies, in particular when a new factory or store is opened it in a short time, the employer must find many employees and therefore special web pages on corporate websites are created.

Job offers in the UK

How to find the best companies in the UK

Google search engine can help you with this. Type in google, eg. the top 10 companies in the UK or the top 100 companies in the UK or the best is to visit websites with catalogues of companies popular yellow book or where there is a list of companies quoted on the English Stock Exchange. If you are looking at a particular location, it is worth to use Google maps where are visible business parks and then you can simply visit the website of specific business park and check the list of companies. Also, you can do the research yourself. Take a bike and visit the business parks in your area and make a list of companies and then find something about them on the Internet and maybe one of them has a job on the corporate website.

where to look for work in England

Of course, in the Internet we can find more tools to check the company. It is worthwhile to follow certain guidelines, such as whether the company recently employed or dismissed somebody and whether the sales are increasing or decreasing. At the end we should also be interested in whether the value of the company is growing at all over the time. Imagine a job interview and the question asked by the nice lady from HR, “do you have any questions,” and you answer “Yes, why the company with increasing sales and value dismissed people over the last year”. I guarantee you that you will make the impression. And such information is easily found on the website:

Everyone knows NEXT LTD company and people, who work there praise the high salary and benefits package. The following graph shows that the NEXT recently has grown and most importantly employment has increased. These are signs of a healthy company and that it should tie its future.

How to find the best companies in the UK

On the other side there is a popular company – Tesco Distribution Ltd, which increases its value and the sale, but unfortunately it reduced employment and fell assets. Perhaps the company is not willing to give contracts to workers as it is in the company NEXT.

How to find the best companies in England

Imagine that you just starting your first job in the UK and you have the choice to work in the NEXT or TESCO warehouse by the employment agency. Knowing the above graphs, the best decision would be to work in NEXT.

I hope that you know where to look for work in the UK. I very often see on Facebook entries like: „I am looking for work”, so I hope I helped you and that work in England will be more available for you.

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Unfortunately, many of our countrymen cannot speak English or the know only basic phrases, therefore questions such as: work in London or work in Manchester are still so popular. Unfortunately for these people can be very hard to find a job. Maybe Polish employment agency in London, which offer Polish staff will be helpful. Some employers offer jobs for the Poles and the only determinant is the willingness of its adoption. I personally met eg. the truck driver, who did not know English, but worked for an English employer. So if you do not know  English you still have a chance of finding a job in England.

Is your CV up to date?

Try to keep your CV up to date in terms of contemporary design and in order to catch the eye. It is known that if one looks at one hundred CV, he will first check these which look good and in terms of aesthetics they catch the eye. I have personally seen CVs that are very different from those accepted standards and my first impression of the person was that he/she cannot use the Microsoft Word. Of course, this does not change the fact that he could be a professional in a different industry but it is always a first impression. Take advantage of ready-made solutions. On the Internet there are many websites with ready-made templates of CV. I recommend to myPerfectCV, where you can create online professional resume.

To conclude entry where to look for jobs in the UK

  1. Register on pages with offers of work and complete all the forms.
  2. Sign up in many agencies on the Internet and in your city.
  3. Do research in your area which are companies on the Internet and check whether they have pages with job offers.
  4. When after 2 weeks of persistent search you still nothing find, you can start asking questions on Facebook if anyone knows something about jobs in your area.

And do you know where to look for work in the UK? Please write in the comments your experience of looking for a job, what websites with job offers do you know and whether it is worth to come to England..