English movies online

English movies online

Today I will write about learning English through cinematography – because it is a lot easier and more enjoyable form of learning. Each of us knows that if we begin to slowly understand movies, listen to the radio or read a book in English that means that our language is really good. Therefore, this material was created for those whose English is not their mother tongue. And to allow you to learn English through online movies in English.

Learn English through movies

On the question of the type of – how to learn English in a fun way? I will answer some perversely – through watching movies! Because to learn a foreign language, in our case English, you should support by a film – which choose to start with? Certainly not one in which the action is changing too fast, or one in which there is a complicated scenario of events. Of course, the more we are advanced in knowledge of the language, the more we can try to force watching films and even action movies.

For example – cinema productions of languages such as Spanish or French are really a lot and they are usually niche films, but allowing hear the language with a natural accent. Therefore, learning English you should pay attention to the action of film, language, and whether the story takes place. And, if our film is typically English and is recorded just in the UK, it will certainly good for us. Here, it is worth noting that the movies to learn English with subtitles of European descent represent the habits and natural atmosphere of language, society, culture, which may have an impact on our knowledge.

Are films with English subtitle a good support for learning?

Here I will answer yes, at the beginning, you can make use even fairy tales and animated films, which are based on simple language and slow pronunciation, and also the correct phonetics and grammar that support subtitles. I can recommend known fairy tale for learning languages – Dora the Explorer. It can be an excellent idea to help learn vocabulary, not only for children but also for us adults. Another idea might be fairy tales, such as Kai Lan and her friend Diego. Here you want to point out that a series of cartoons devoted a number of publications, even in the online system, many games and courses that support early learning. For more advanced language, I recommend online movies in English, this is a cool way to ,,devouring next kilograms of knowledge „.

Here, for example. English-language films with English subtitles will help in understanding language and in mastering grammar or spelling. It should also be noted that the best movies to learn English with subtitles are not only picture and television films, but the older ones, eg. a great treasure trove of films with English subtitles is – TED – movies with English subtitles. For example, you can watch movies in English language and adjust subtitles to the language. It is also important to our thematic range of films was wide enough to allow for the selection of the most interesting area.

Where to find the treasures trove of movies?

We do not need to look far, because very helpful in learning is popular youtube. Here, with many films available legally, it is possible to choose subtitles in multiple languages including Polish. Of course, using several minutes videos we can improve our knowledge and in a significant way, besides it through youtube videos you can take advantage of the educational and instruction videos. An example would be the channel as – Daily Dose of English and Linguaspectrum. They are almost online English courses but also other very interesting channel is the Daily English Dictation intended to master vocabulary, but mainly to foster understanding of them.

Films with English subtitles in this case are aimed at providing many new words and phrases, including terms of everyday language. Another way to memorize words is watching the video segments which have the task of translating the vocabulary used in the earlier videos. Here, among the feature length films I can recommend, among others, movies such as Soave, The Last Dance, Uptown Girls, Little Blach Book or Legally Blonde.

At the end of my article, I would like to focus on the list of films that I have prepared for you. Here, after the choice of one of them you should download its trailer and learn from it. You will have in each of them the opportunity to get to know interesting expressions with slang, phrasal verbs and translations of the whole sentences. If, one trailer will be interesting you should watch the whole movie. Of course, the given titles are movies in English, whereas some of them have questions about the story with answers of course in English – Polish.

Two interesting sites offering to watch movies online with English subtitles is www.ororo.tv


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