Financial tips for parents in the UK

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Financial tips for parents in the UK

How to have a baby and how to not go bankrupt? This question probably always ask many new parents. Despite the circumstances it is not difficult to your child has everything. So, everything is possible when we have a bit of desire and a strong sense of planning. Take advantage of the advice and reasonably manage spending better. The following mini guide for parents should be useful not only after giving birth.

A good habit – you should plan!

Well calculated expenditures are the basis of the household budget. If you do not want to overlook it, make a list of things to buy / do / get. The best when you create a hierarchy of values and start from the necessary things (baby stroller, diapers) and put objects that may or may not have come in handy (or five different ratchets are really absolutely necessary?) at the end of the list

Baby stroller, baby carrier, car seat – three in one?

If you don’t have the twins or triplets, more and more strollers are performed in the formula 3 in 1, which can be suitably formed. In this way, this one equipment can be used in the car, while walking and it can be also used as a carrier for children. Remember that the stroller is only necessary to a certain age, later it becomes completely useless.

The oldest, contractual guide for parents says that it’s worth to ask your friends or family members and even neighbors and people in the immediate vicinity about this equipment, because it so often happens that someone has still good and useful stroller the attic or in the basement. In such a situation, you can often buy it for pennies and sometimes for free.

Clothes, toys, accessories – a bottomless pit?

How much does the child maintenance cost? To answer this question you must just check the available products for the youngest children. It should however be borne in mind that many of them are not as „necessary” as the producers try to convince us. Probably it is easy for you to go bankrupt while trying to buy all the toys for your children that they want at a given moment.

Unfortunately, most often they are not cheap. So, you should think carefully before buying some toys. Perhaps you will be able to redeem it from someone on the Internet? Also, borrowing or switching the toys with other children can be a good practice.

It is worth to talk with other parents about this – certainly everyone will benefit: children will at some time have a „new” items to play, and parents do not incur additional expenses. A great idea can also be to create toys at home. It’s a great idea to spend some time together with your family and by the way to do something completely „from scratch”.

On Youtube you can find many videos on common ground with children and how to make toys.

Second-hand is the best!

You should browse social networks, auctions or list of ads on the Internet regularly. From time to time you can find a person who sells clothes from which the children grown. This is therefore, clothes for children very quickly become useless, because the children very quickly grows out of them.

pushchair - how much cost of babyCall for you rights!

You shouldn’t hesitate to benefit these social benefits. This mainly concerns maternity and paternity leave. So, you should browse the Internet and help with perhaps another financial assistance to which you should be entitled.

If necessary, apply the appropriate documents and see to deadlines. You should look to matters related to your leave before the child is born. This will help you to avoid stress that you can have after the birth of your little baby.

The world of discounts, vouchers, coupons

Families with children increasingly can enjoy significant relief in many situations. Firstly, there are special vouchers for families, so that you can find excellent shopping occasions. We all know about discount (or free) tickets for public transport and lower prices of admission to museums, amusement parks or to the cinema.

If you want to know the websites of discount, be sure to check out the website: discount coupons.

But perhaps in your area, there are other institutions that offer free or much cheaper tickets? Here, not only the Internet does help you, but also irreplaceable word of mouth. Often the most interesting events are not widely advertised and the surest recommendation are the opinions of our friends.

Are you sure that diapers of the latest generation are necessary for the proper development of the child?

Previous generations brought up children in the way that today could be defined as minimalist practice. People in the past had to dress, feed, entertain and teach children by using minimum materials. Today, we have much more such materials, but you cannnot overdo and for this it is not difficult, because everyone says that we cannot cut back on a child.

While this statement may be untrue, you need to use common sense and be calmness and also you need to learn to deny yourself and the children. And, not without significance is the ecology and endangered fate of our planet. For this reason, if you have enough patience and time, you may want to rethink the issue of disposable diapers and, however, opt for good old and proven reusable diapers.

Raising a child without a diaper is becoming very popular also in the face of the pervasive financial crisis. The issues of care for the environment also arise in the case of care products. Disposable wet wipes are indeed very comfortable, but it is highly non-organic. Traditional wash by soft tower with mild soap will have a similar effect. When choosing other cosmetics, pay attention to their composition and degree of biodegradability.

Think about the financial future of your children

First of all, think about financial future of your children. It is better to save small amounts and more frequently than to worry about large amount of money, which you will need a large amount and for that the banks in the UK have an interesting offer. For example, on the website the best savings accounts I presented an offer of the bank Halifax Kid’s Regular Saver. You can save from £ 10 and is 4% per year.

The summary of mini guide for parents

Finally, I can add that you can ask for other financial advice your parents or grandparents. Experience, however, is very important. So maybe you’ll be lucky to learn about financial tips from more experienced parents. By following all these tips, soon you will be able to create a similar guide for parents.

Soon I will try to prepare a post about financial benefits that you can obtain from the government in the UK. Therefore, I recommend to subscribe to this guide.

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser.


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