Food prices

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Food prices

Today I will start the material from such a finding that it is really difficult to determine the cost of a daily or weekly living in England, or even in Scotland. Of course, everything depends on the lifestyle and the same food prices in England and other countries where we are currently in and the city in which we live, therefore the article I will focus among other on food costs.

So in general, food prices are not cheap – in the UK apart from the price of food products, also cigarettes and alcohol is very expensive. For example, the price for a pack of cigarettes is about 6 GBP and the average price of a liter of fuel in Scotland is £ 1.20 -1.40 (recent prices are falling thanks to lower oil prices). The cheapest prices are always in supermarkets, there are two leading hypermarkets with food in the UK, they are Asda and Tesco, but other popular are Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Lidl.

If here we will focus only on cheap shopping we quickly discover that „poundlands” or stores where all the goods are for 99 pence reign in the UK. This is an interesting option, because we got there differential assortment, namely on the one side there are hundreds of canned food, and on the other the are flavored beverages, carbonated or snacks. Life in England is not difficult, moreover, you can also come across all kinds of books, games and videos in a much better price than in other stores. It is worth mentioning is that the so-called cherry on the cake are food products- quite tasty and a large toasted bread, a variety of meats, eggs and cheese, milk – that is all you can get for a really nice price. For this you can sometimes come across interesting promotions – buy 2 or 3 items for the price of one. With this option the fans of economical purchases – are able to easily get to „paradise”.

In England, there are so-called continental shops where food prices in England can be competitive. This means that in some regions of the UK you can buy cheaper food than in others. For example, in the heart of Erdington there are at least a couple of hypermarkets – a corner delis are located in strategic places that generally cannot be overlooked.

As for the same cost of goods I give far such examples as: ,,kilo of sugar can be bought for 79 pence, flour also at a similar price,  kilogram of cheese you will buy from 4.5 to 6 pounds nad pate for almost 5 pounds per kilogram. Can of beer costs 99 pence, and for a bottle you will pay 1.29 pounds. Chinese soups, spices and other cooking products cost less than 50 pence, we see that it is not expensive and we can survive a week for 40F, if of course we will pay attention to the prices of food products in the store.

Finally, to life in England was easier, it is worth to pay attention on „normal” markets. For example, Tesco is a place strongly centralized in terms of prices as compared to the whole country. It may not be an accurate reflection of the price, but we expect there really like the conversion rates for goods purchased in Birmingham, for example, in London. Well, you can also be relatively certain of the quality of the goods – it is global network.

At the end I will focus on food prices in England of selected food products – however it should be noted here that these prices are purely indicative prices and because of the time of year and the place in which we will provide – they may vary.

Ceny produktów spożywczych

Bread – 1.15 GBP

Egg – 0.20 GBP

Butter 500g – 1.50 GBP

Milk  2L – 1.50 GBP

Chicken 1kg – 2.70 GBP

Coffee 100g – 3.30 GBP

Tea (160 sachets) – 3.00 GBP

Mineral water 1L – 0.40 GBP

Juice 1L – 1.50 GBP

Pepsi 2L – 1.50 GBP

Apple – 0.25 GBP

Potatoes 1kg – from 0.50 – 1.50 GBP

Sunflower oil 1L – 1.10 GBP

Concluding the material I will note that the average price of beer in a Scottish bar is about 2-3 pounds and a gin will tonic costs about 3.5 pounds.


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