Free internet calls

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Free internet calls

Today I will focus once again on free Internet call in the UK. Many foreigners live in England and they need a contact with their loved ones, of course, in the internet age, you can do it very cheaply, but in addition to the internet I will also focus on the option – cheap telephone calls, may be there are older methods, but still popular.


Auracall T-Talk You can make cheap calls through a local number. Of course, we do not need to carry two mobile phones or to transfer SIM cards – credit for calls can be used with any mobile or landline. This option allows free calls by the Internet, they are really possible and what is important, they are attractive and, moreover, thanks to this possibility you do not have to sign any contract with Auracall and convenient function of automatic charging an account will make that the conversation will not be interrupted due to lack of funds. You can also call for free numbers 0800 and 0845/0870 – here are some tips on how to use this service.

The activation of T-Talk account – you should send a text message SMS to the number 81616 saying FONIK in order to obtain a limit on international calls worth £ 5 – alternatively you can call 0370 041 3803 and follow the instructions you heard. Now that we have an active T-Talk account, you can call cheaply to other countries. ”

How to make a free call via the Internet at T-Talk?

Just call 0370 041 3803, then we will choose the number of the person you want to call – but you should always remember the area code of the country you are calling (eg. 0048 xxx xxx xxx to Poland). Topping up the T-Talk online must be made using your credit card or PayPal, also charging the account online for 10 pounds or more, you will get 10% more credit on international calls. Full price list for calls via the Internet or cheap international calls can be found easily on Auracall.

Giffgaff – Until now, CheapCall1689 service was available, but after the liquidation I propose use a Giffgaff network – call prices to Poland are 2p / min to landlines and 5p / min on mobile phones – more information about the Giffgaff network can be found on their website. Currently, the network is very popular and I think everybody already knows it.

Lycamobile – it is a virtual network operator providing cheap calls within the UK and abroad. Here, 1 minute conversation with Poland on landline phone pay about 1 penny and calls on the mobile phone cost 9 pence. If the person to which we call has Lycamobile SIM card in Poland, 1 minute conversation costs 1 penny. Here you can talk over the Internet (via smartphone) and sending SMS in any case, costs 15 pence. More information and the opportunity to order a free SIM card can be found on the official website of Lycamobile.

Here I focus on the holders of fixed telephone line from Orange, because they can make unlimited calls to Poland on landlines for £ 1 pound per month, this is probably the cheapest service of this kind on the market. Here you can make free calls by the Internet with other operators as well as for other conversations we need to pay about 5 pounds. You can find more on the website: Orange Calling Abroad

See previous descriptions of how to make cheap international calls and how to make free calls via the VoIP technology

BT is another way for free calling by the Internet, it offers to its customers a very similar solution at TalkTalk. Here, for around £ 5.50 a month you can talk with Poland and other countries (in total there are 36 countries) with almost no restrictions for that you can carry on a conversation via the Internet. It is important to not incur additional costs. The length of each call can not exceed 1 hour.

O2 International – always cheap calls by the Internet and international minutes on mobile phones.

This tariff is one of the better deals for people who want to make cheap calls from UK to Poland and vice versa. This service is primarily with no-subscription and it requires no use of available numbers – but here are expensive domestic calls. However, calls to Poland of course cost about 1p per minute to landlines and 5p on mobile phones and SMS is – 10p. It is fun, because there is no charge for connection or disappearing minutes. It is also worth noting that if we use the current tariffs of 'O2 Your Country’ or 'O2 Favourite Place’, we have nothing to lose when we will switch to the 'O2 International SIM’ tariff plan.

In conclusion

I hope that after my next material – ,,calls by the Internet, „or the ordinary calls by telephones will be more accessible. I think I was able to once again prove that we can cheaply call abroad. The market will find plenty of other solutions, so some of them I could not describe. The others solutions was described in a similar material. So I invite you to read and urge you to answer the question whether the free calls by the Internet actually exist? I suggest to you that a small fee will be always but, but it pays off.


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