Holiday apartments

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Holiday apartments

I think everyone of us knows what Airbnb is. As a reminder, I can say that Airbnb is a system of renting accommodation. This means that people rent a room and sometimes even the whole apartment and they put their offer on the international portal so that every visitor, no matter in which corner of the world he is, could find this offer and use it

A person who wants to rent a room or apartment anywhere in the world can search thousands of offers, narrow the field of search by typing your expectations, such as eg. the number of rooms in the apartment, location, access to Wi-Fi or bathtub in the bathroom. If the landlord has any doubts, you can always contact the owner of the apartment or room. Fortunately, almost everyone already knows English, so contact with foreigners today is rather no problem for everyone.

If the landlord decides to rent a room or apartment, he reserves it online by paying via the Internet for the service to provide accommodation. The whole process is completely safe, despite the distance between the two parties. The benefit of the owner of room is definitely a low cost of accommodation, much lower than the cost of stay in hotel or guest house. Besides, for many young people this opportunity is the only chance for sightseeing, visiting places, which otherwise surely we would not afford it.

The referral program in Airbnb

In addition, what also deserves attention is discount that Airbnb provides for new users. Well, anyone who registers on the system, gets the first $20 at the start to be used for the night. There are still a number of other discounts, depending on eg. a command of service to another person, or to benefit from it, as well as the affiliate program. If someone from your command registers on the website, you will get $20. If this person registers on this website and also takes advantage of service, you will receive even more

Perhaps in different countries they are different solutions for command, but I do not know. In the UK, if somebody registers on the website thanks to the refrerral link, he gets to use up to £ 27. Therefore, if you click on the Airbnb link, you see the information that if you sign up, you will get bomus. I think it’s a good incentive to take advantage of the service.

referral program in Airbnb

Using Airbnb is not for everyone

What are the benefits for the person sharing the room or apartment? Certainly financial, because it is obvious that you have to pay for renting. Besides, rent a room or apartment with a person from another corner of country or even the world is a unique opportunity to gain exciting and interesting knowledge, establish contacts and learn foreign languages. In addition, the person renting his/her room or apartment, receives the whole package of possible discounts and rebates, which can use. The project provides home insurance or apartment in case of damage, so the host does not have to worry about that his premises will be destroyed or devastated by unscrupulous tenants. Details of the terms of cooperation can be found on Airbnb.

Do you want to start earning and rent rooms in Airbnb

How can you be a host in Airbnb ? It’s easy. Simply register on the website, take good pictures of your room or apartment, add an offer with precisely described conditions and equipment of room for rent. People interested in your offer will inform you, but you decide who will live with you. Nothing happens „top down” and you have more control. Holiday apartments offer accommodation extremely expensive, which generally young people just simply cannot afford. Indeed, there are cheap hotels, but the cost of renting a room is still much higher than in the case of Airbnb services.

If overnight in the home of strangers is not for you, you can see how to find cheap hotels and how to rent accommodation at the lowest price

Feel free to use the rooms where there are some opinions and of course good opinions, then you can be sure that you will not meet disappointment. And as the host you have to ensure to your guests were satisfied with the stay at your apartment.

To whom such apartments are addressed

This program is targeted for people who want to travel, but renting apartments is it a nightmare for them. The program is also aimed at people who want to earn some money and have the conditions to receive tourists under their roof. You could say that Airbnb  service is beneficial to both parties. Thanks to such solutions, the world is indeed becoming one big family, where everywhere you can find a shelter.

Airbnb is still developing and it is improving its offer, enriching it with further discounts and bonuses for using the services. This encourages registering in the system more and more people from all over the world. As a result, there is a chance for the conclusion of international knowledge and exceptional cross-cultural friendship

After all, there is establishing a strong competition. It is certainly the ideal solution for people who live in popular places like the big cities and in tourist areas. This way you can significantly boost your budget.

I have not yet benefited from the services of this website, as long as at the moment I prefer cheap chains like travelodge and sometimes B & B, but somehow I have not had a luck recently when it comes to B & B. Perhaps one day I will tempt the new solution as probably it will be inevitable to use the Uber or Zopa.


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