Holiday rentals

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Holiday rentals – what is 9flats?

Today I will deal with the subject – Holiday rental i.e. 9flats. Here you can easily, rent rooms, apartment or even house or rent it hospitably. But for some, 9flats to a formula of 2.0 or traveling community, while for others – travel of consumer community. This can be a really great idea to spend a nice holiday in a rented room, flat or apartment in the resort”.

For whom is this service?

First of all, for people who like to sleep in unusual places and who have enough hotel interiors as well as for those who do not like coufchsurfing or HospitalityClub. Certainly it is also for people who appreciate comfort and unfettered apartments. People, who do not like hostels will also find something for themselves. It is also, for people who like to get up in the morning very early, in a bathrobe go to the kitchen and pour a cup of tea, go out onto the balcony directly from the bedroom and for those who, instead of hotel guests prefer „episodic” neighbors. We can here, for example, rent a house near the forest or lighthouse … and even that is possible.

Of course, paying attention to the CS that almost the same thing is to be free, it is worth to enclose into the brackets – ,,almost”. Privacy i.e. the whole apartment for yourself, for a group of people, balcony, terrace, bathroom, freedom – sometimes you must resign from this in the case of ,,CS.

Holiday rentals – sleeping via 9flats is cheaper than cheap hotels?

Here everything depends on the choice, but it usually comes cheaper (you should compare with the price comparison of hotels), specially when you travel in small groups of 3-4 people. Here will be absolutely always cheaper, because prices for these services are calculated in relation to the place – room, apartment, the whole house etc. In addition, there will always be available kitchen, which will definitely reduce the budget  because you will prepare a meal by yourself. Very often we have released all kinds of discount codes, which reduce the price of accommodation really dramatically.

Holiday rental is not for you, so see my list of TOP 3 where is best to rent a hotel.

Is sleeping in such places safe?         

Of course, yes. You can even say that safer than in hostels, but the only responsibility for you is to guard key. Of course, the host can ntroduce you the principle of hiring, but you usually read about them already at the website on the internet – but it is usually limited to the usual activities and it is in turn important because social traveling is rather for people well-mannered. And, it is worth mentioning that there is a small possibility of cancellation or lack of confirmation. Probably not for a few days before the arrival, but a little earlier … but always. It is worth to browse such offers, where is a lot of positive opinions, or you can write directly to the host. With each profile there is constantly updated index „how often does he write back to the news” – it is worth remembering.

Are we have certainty about privacy?       

The case is really simple, because if he rents a room means that you may have to „share” the kitchen or bathroom (or select the option „apartment”).

Are there any „hooks”?

Everything is really well described, things that you can forget is the service charge, added to the amount or a cleaning charge or charge for extra guests, for example, more people than beds. But is it only a part of the tender, as not all are the same. The main thing – read the conditions of the offer

And how it looks from the making money?

If you have an apartment, room, boat or villa (the full list of available properties is provided on the side of 9flats) you can rent your property and gain the profits. The service is a mediator and even provides insurance for your property at the time of rental to 500,000 Euro.

Of course, service charges a commission, which at the moment is 15% percent but I think you need to use this option. In the interest of 9flats it will be to rent your property and take care of the marketing.


holiday rental 9flats

Another method of earning money is to mediate in renting. You can subscribe to programs such as webgains or zanox. Just add affiliate links and if someone through your link makes reservations on places, you will get 6% commission.

If you are interested in earning by promoting various products or services, be sure to check the entry: passive income.

Are there more websites of the holiday rentals?

Of course, there is more of this type of services. All I do not know, but I just came across this and I wanted to share it. I know another airbnb and I will try next time also describe this service.

Are there any promotions or price reduction for accommodation?     

Yes they are. And there are even very cool promotions, which tend to be permanent, long-term or temporary. This temporary promotions are usually codes, which last one day, but it can lower the bed to zero. So holiday rental at reasonable prices is really possible … So I recommend proven services such as 9flats – ,,you pass on the world’s best vacation!”

How to save even more by renting house

  • First of all, check if there are discount codes to known websites with codes and possibly refer to the pages of group purchase
  • The next step is to check cashback websites. At the moment, for example, one of my favorite websites imutual gives 6.5% discount on the rental in 9flats and in Quido you will get 6%.

And what is your way to cheap and effective holiday rentals? Please write in the comments if you prefer to rent apartment or a hotel


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