Holiday Taxi

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Holiday Taxi

When it comes to the transports, for example, to the airport or from the airport to the hotel, it is worth to choose the one that will suit us, that is a must fulfill some important conditions and of course the key requirement  is punctuality.

Our ordered transport should be ready on time, comfort and pleasant and friendly service is very important, which will take care of us and serve us, for example, will take over of the the obligation to pack the luggage. It is clear that only thing what you want after a tiring journey, is a hot bath and sleep.

Most importantly, all this must be ensured for small price.

As previously mentioned punctuality is very important, but not about the arrival of the taxi to the appointed place earlier, but it is also important, but I mean the time of arrival, which should be short and which should be carried easily and safely, so that drivers must be experienced. For others, only price will be the most important.

For whom this type of transport is the best

Such a mode of transportation is for everyone, that is all those who depend on these conditions.

What is important, what I need to mention is that when we are disabled, for example, on a wheelchair our travel should run seamlessly from the beginning to reach the destination.

This allows traveling people who previously would have a problem with that. Employees are kindly help and journey proceeds without feeling embarrassed.

When searching the different companies you should compare them. Price differences can be large. Sometimes best is to rent a car. The average price for renting a car is a 30-40 Euro and the transportation often costs approx. 20 EUR per person in one way. There is also the question of profitability of such transportation for the family. Some companies charge a fee for the car, and no matter how many people are in a car. However, no more than allowed by the regulations.

The good news is that travel agencies very often offer transport service for the price of holidays.

How much is the transport service

For example, I will present  holidaytaxis service:

Transport from the airport in Tenerife – South Airport TFS (Reina Sofia) to the Troya Hotel in Costa Adeje.

And the cheapest transport by bus was £ 846 per person. Private taxi is already expense £20.51 per person.

For example, in a spaintaxireservations service, a private transport per person is £14.

Things to remember

A very good option is to travel with other passengers. If you order a private taxi and you drive yourself it will cost you a lot, but if you go out with a few people it will not make a difference for the driver if he was going in the same direction, and if they go to the same hotel it’s going to be great. But not all companies and drivers agree to such conditions. When I checked it on the Internet, in one company there was additional fee for each additional person, but in some places the system charged for the places in the car

taxi transferApart from official and private taxis, these are also drivers, who drive more cheaply than holiday taxis. Of course, there are people who want to earn some extra money and do not run any business activity. It is cheaper, but when there would be an accident, he had a problem. I never really know whether the alleged driver is not a thief.

Planning is the key

Therefore, you should pre-plan your trip from the airport to the hotel and back.

I prefer to rent a car. I always have the opportunity to visit a larger piece of land and reach comfortably to the attractions during the holidays and very often comes cheaply, if you rent a car in advance for 7 or 10 days. Then the price fluctuates around a dozen euro

How to find companies offering holiday taxi

When you are looking for something specific, you should type in online search engine words such as Holiday taxi, taxi transfers, transportation to the airport, airport transfers and all you need is displayed on the monitor. There are many companies, of course, I recommend to use popular and with good views companies.

There is no problem with this, it is enough to spend 10 minutes of your time and you’ll find something interesting.

Opinions can be found on the Internet. If you do not know how to do, just type in google the company name or the Web page and add the phrase „opinions”. Already the first 5 results give the results to specific Web sites with opinions.

How to save more on transfer

Remember to use the pages of group purchases or cashback websites or very popular websites in the UK with promotional codes.

I have just checked the discounts in TopCaashback and very many companies offer discounts. For example, in Holiday taxi you can get up to 31.5% discount and at the end of September you can take advantage of a discount coupon: 15TAXI where you will get another 15% discount. So, someone who plan his travels, he will definitely save some pounds.


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