How much the maintenance of the car

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How much the maintenance of the car

Are you wondering how much the maintenance of the car really costs? In today’s article I will present the basic costs of maintaining the car in the UK, also will try to explain issues such as – car insurance in the UK or the total cost of ownership of the car and so on.

How much the maintenance of the car?

So I will start from the fact that in England on all the local stations we are able to refueling unleaded petrol PB 95 and diesel fuel, when it comes to gas, it is available on a few stations, but its installation in the car is quite expensive and tips for filling are different and generally few people drive here on the gas. Diesel prices are higher than the prices of unleaded gasoline by an average of about 5% -8% and diesel prices in general are among the most expensive in Europe, why do I talk about it?

Because this is one of the major costs of maintaining our vehicle, the next is MOT, i.e technical review of the car. It costs from 35 to 50 pounds depending on where we live. Now, keep in mind that car maintenance also depends on Road Tax, or Motor Tax. And it costs from 120 to 190 pounds per year for most cars, but having auto recorded after 2000, tax largely depends on CO2 emissions so the bigger the emission, the more we pay tax.

Remember that MOT is worthy to plan ahead, ie. you must check your car if there is a funny type of faults, for example, a burned bulb. Secondly, check at the website of group purchases whether at the moment they have any promotions on the review of the car. Also, websites with the refunds for purchases have numerous discounts. For example, MOT at Kwik-Fit will be cheaper by 8.4%, if you book it online via the cashback website.

Going this route – how much it costs the car maintainance costs, we must know that car insurance in the UK is probably the biggest expense constant maintenance of the car, of course, depending on various factors, we will pay for it from 300 to up 1,000 pounds per year. Immediately I will mark here, that the insurance of couriers of taxi is two times higher and prices start here from £ 2,000 per year for a car. To insure your vehicle cheaply you must search online information, because today we have available to a lot of websites where, after entering your information and data of the car you’ll get a few dozen offers. To reduce the cost of insurance it is worth looking at price comparison websites the cheapest option for us. An alternative method is to find the best deal with the return on the cashback webpages. For example, in the insurance company esure we will get up to £ 36.75 return. In case you are less than 25 years, unfortunately, you will have to pay considerably more for insurance. Therefore, I recommend reading the article: insurance for young people. I encourage you to read the article describing how to get the best deal on your car insurance.

What is it and where to get the No Claim Bonus?

To properly determine how much the car maintainance costs I have to say here about something like – No Claim Bonus (NCB). It is a discount for years by that we did not report any claims to the insurance company, for the purpose of compensation for accidents. These discounts vary between insurers, but it can be assumed that five years of NCB (no demands for payment of insurance) translates into a 60% to 75% discount. Well, of course, a product which is – NCB cannot be divided into different cars – having two or more cars, each of them earns’ NCB separately.

Road tax – what’s going on?

I will return for a moment to the Road Tax, we already know that it is the tax of the road, but it is not only included in the price of fuel, but it is also charged separately, namely passenger cars registered before March 2001 have two rates depending on the volume:

  • Up to 1549cc – £ 125
  • above 1549cc – £ 205

Here, cars registered after March 1, 2001 pay the road tax, depending on the CO2 emission. With this calculation, we can determine the monthly cost of car maintenance. The current tax rate of road you will find on this page:

So, how much the car maintenance really costs?

Approaching slowly to the end of my article, in addition to those costs related to the theme – the cost of operating a car, do not include yet all sorts of repair, which of course are always included in the overall cost of our car. Therefore, it is difficult to assess which car is the cheapest to maintain, because unfortunately each is associated with certain investment risks. The most common is that the older the car, the more we have to fix it and various brands tend to be more flawed. Colloquially, it is believed that French brands are expensive to operate and the Japanese reportedly are reliable. Do you agree with the accepted stereotypes?

,,An example would be buying a car for the price of 3,000 pounds, but if we add here the cost of operating a car or a monthly cost of car maintenance, all the repairs and car insurance in the UK, the total cost of the vehicle may exceed 3 times of its value – so cheap car does not always go hand in hand with low-maintenance„.

Therefore, it may be better to count the first fixed costs of our next car, primarily insurance on the car, how much does it cost – the most important factor here is the engine capacity. In turn, you should count how much will you pay for items for the car, which are often replaced, that is, oils, filters, tires and then think whether the car will be an ideal solution.

And finally, do not forget that driving without insurance, paid road tax and without a valid inspection (MOT) is a violation of law in the UK, so it is best to buy a car fully operational or take care of it immediately after moving out from the seller that you did not encounter the not pleasant things with the police … I hope that I managed to convince you that buying a car really needs to be well thought out.


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