How to buy, sell and store bullions

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How to buy, sell and store bullions

Gold or silver is still one of the safest investments. The prices of such precious bullions are constantly rising and are not so affected by fluctuations in the global economy, such as real estates, currencies and stock markets. Some people think that it is a great place for big savings, other people when investing in gold, for example, want to protect themselves against uncertain times.

There are also those who earn a lot on trading these bullions. How to invest in gold or silver? What should we remember and what to look out for?

Investments on the platform

Whether we’re just starting to invest in bullions or have some experience in it, it’s a good idea to use some of the platforms to trade gold or silver, such as BullionVault*. It’s one of the biggest online websites that allow you to buy, sell, and store these precious materials.

The big advantage of this platform is undoubtedly its popularity. More than 65,000 users from 175 countries have purchased and stored assets worth over $ 2 billion.

How does the platform work?

BullionVault is a platform, which is extremely easy to use, so if you are wondering where to buy gold or investment silver, this can be a very interesting solution. In the user panel we see constantly updated gold prices, with rates from Zurich, London, New York, Toronto and Singapore. The purchased noble metal can be stored in the BullionVault*, but you can get them at any time, although shipping and insurance costs and additional fees will be added at any time.

Selling gold and silver through the platform

Thanks to the BullionVault platform we can also sell bullions to other users of this site. The funds will be sold very quickly to the bank account associated with the service – payment is posted the day after the transaction. This is a very convenient solution. Some investors of course buy gold or silver, and then they hold them at home or in special vaults.

Do you know how to invest in goldThis can be a good strategy. The problem may arise when a person decides to sell gold. It can be problematic when you want to do this on your own especially if you have collected a lot of silver or gold. Searching for people or companies that will want to buy bullions usually takes a long time, and even if we find a perfect for us sale of gold it doesn’t means that we will earn a lot.

The website here has undeniable advantages – we do not have to worry about where to buy gold, or where to store it, or how to sell it. If we treat gold only as investment, we do not even need to have contact with our ingots.

The whole process of buying and selling is done virtually. For many people this is an ideal solution. Although there are some who just want to see, touch and feel their ingots. There are a lot of merchants, but there is a solution on the BullionVault* platform – just choose the option to take the ore from the vault.

Why invest in BullionVault


We must remember that trade in gold or silver attracts many frauds. There are often these are small fraudsters, but sometimes the popularity of gold as a capital asset is exploited by very serious criminals. We remember the Amber Gold affair that shocked the Polish public in 2012. Tens of thousands of Poles trusted the company and decided to buy „investment gold”.

The problem was that the company had only a small amount of gold, and Amber Gold was a classic financial pyramid. How to protect yourself from similar scams? It is best to check that the investment gold or silver is indeed in the vaults of the company that announces that it trades it.

In the case of the BullionVault platform we are dealing with a serious service that actually has a noble ingot in its vaults. The weight of the platform also proves that it is a member of LBMA, the London Bullion Market Association. It is the world’s largest professional physical gold market. The platform is also a double winner of the Queen’s Award – a prestigious business award, given by the Queen of England.

Also, the international press has repeatedly expressed its appreciation for BullionVault. The „Daily Telegraph”, for example, stated that the platform is now the safest way to invest in physical gold or silver. „The Financial Times”, wrote that the use of BullionVault dramatically lowers the possession of this material.

How to start investing?

Of course, there is no one universal answer as to how to invest in gold to make it as profitable as possible. Some people, however, advise to start with small investments to recognise the expectations of the market and only then gradually allocate more and more money.

Fortunately, this platform can meet our needs, as purchase orders or sales can start with just one gram. Surely the advantage of this system is that you are the owner of silver or gold, which in today’s world is of particular importance.

Does the company have an affiliate program?

You have probably noticed that there is a lot of information on the Internet about BullionVault * and it is through an affiliate program that allows you to make money online by promoting your business.

At the moment, 4 people have signed up from my link and one of them has paid as much as £ 1000, so I got £ 1.21. Obviously, if you want to make some money on this, you should promote the service.

Of course in my case it does not make sense to make money in this way, but I wanted to show that there are different methods of investing in silver or gold. If you run a portal about investment or metals, you should consider promoting this site.

Below there is a screenshot of the site showing registered users and one customer

Affiliate program in BullionVault

How much can you earn?

The company boasts that you can earn up to a quarter of the commission on buying and selling. And for customer reccommendation:

  • you will earn 25% commission paid by the reccommended person on the purchase and sale transaction
  • you will also earn 6.25% commission, which is paid by customers recommended by those who logged on the website thanks to you
  • you will receive this money from each transaction conducted by reccommended users for two years after the account has been created
  • Of course, money goes to your account. I replaced my commission with gold


So next time if you will be wondering how to invest in gold, remember about BullionVault, where you can buy gold and silver. In today’s times where there is a risk of high inflation (some say hyperinflation), you should consider securing your future by investing in silver and gold

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser. Please refer to the page: disclaimer of responsibility, to make you aware of the importance of the information provided.


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