How to deal with expensive hotels

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How to deal with expensive hotels

People with plan always have better life. Sometimes we can’t make a plan and we work on the spontaneous mode. The same thing happened to me. More precisely it turned out that in the day before Bank Holiday I had to go on The South England.

How to find a cheap hotel in Bank Holiday

You can go crazy of course but I keep my budget. My forecasts are good enough for a hotel in the UK. I have failed in searching and I’ve found a hotel with amount of 110 pounds ( I don’t like to overpay) when I reminded myself about cheap beds in holiday apartments.

I have started my research on well-known Airbnb. There the prices of 50 pounds were standard. Naturally, the range was huge even from 30 to 200 pounds. If you’re willing to stay for one night in the castle, why not.

I was tempted by attractive price and I decided to stay there at night and make reservation via Airbnb.

I’m looking for discounts all the time so I don’t like to spend too much money. I found out that someone have registered via my referral link and he spent the night in hotel. I receive 27 pounds for further orders thanks to Krzysztof.


airbnb bonus for partners

I have also found a discount voucher worth 25 pounds for Paypal payment.

Read more about discount vouchers, more information on this site: Discount vouchers.

A discount voucher is worth 25 pounds if you will pay via PayPal: PAYPALSTAY25.

I recommend that service because your shopping is much safer.

Below a screen print of my payment on the service as a prove that if you know how to low your costs you will be able to save meaningful amounts. As you can see I paid only £38 including the service charge which is only 10 £.

the cost of accommodation in airbnb

It is worth to mention that many service of that kind pay quite a lot for recommending new users. As a sample I can give Homestay which pays around 90 pounds for recommendation. The amount of 18 pounds is paid if someone will decide on tenancy and 72 £ if someone will choose the collaboration with the service.

homestay pays for new users

How much was the bed

It turned out that the room with the common price of 80 pounds coasted me just only £38. It is something new and I love such extras.

Here’s a link to the rented room:

bonus on the first trip with airbnb

Interesting adventures during the holiday tenancy

It was the first time when I tried to make a reservation in that way. Honestly I didn’t know what to think about it but I always try to move forward with all what’s new. I have found a house which was quite nice and the inhabitants moved from London.

And here’s the first surprise. When I opened the doors I saw little children there. It turned out that their parents were outside: father was working and mum was on the walk with a dog. That was the only hassle that I needed to face with. Five minutes later the housekeeper, Anne came and she was very friendly and nice. Then all was easy, I felt like it was nice conversation with a friend.

We were talking about things like where we come from and what are we doing for living etc. Therefore if someone likes to make new relationships and talk at least a little, that kind of accommodation is a very cool idea. However I recommend another hotel for people who are closed and who don’t care about relations with others.

If you are going to book such room, you must to open for others while you’ll be sleeping in someone’s house and there are some people who don’t accept it. For others that kind of accommodation will be much better choice than hotel which offers only „good morning” from reception. Here you can talk with the owner and get to know about interesting stories.

If you’re interested in the topic of cheap lodging via services such Airbnb you need necessarily to get to know with two articles on blog: holiday tenancy and holiday apartments.

Is it possible to earn on it

Naturally I needed to ask how it looks like from the business site. It turned out that Anne earns really good on her two rooms. The students from Spain and tourists are coming here very often (if you are teaching foreign languages, you can combine those two options of earning:  a room booking + learning)

Therefore, Anne generates extra incomes cause she has a part time job as a teacher. However that kind of income is not for everyone. You need to be aware how to deal with foreign people. When I asked about that, Anne said that each person who visited her was very nice and opened.

I think that when someone will decide on sleeping in such house, in the beginning the selection is being created and the rooms are reserved by people who are opened to each other’s.

Summary of holiday tenancy post

A cheap accommodation thanks to holiday apartments is quite nice alternative to hotels for people who are looking not only for something new but also not necessarily cheaper and for those who want to earn. The following services might be helpful: Airbnb, Homestay or rentals


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