How to don’t pay electricity and gas bills for half a year?

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How to don’t pay electricity and gas bills for half a year?

Yes, it is possible. You just need a little cleverness and patience and it’s quite legal not to pay for electricity and gas for six months.

Recently, I’ve written a thorough analysis of how to compare tariffs for electricity and gas suppliers in the UK. You can find it in the article Who wants 200 pounds as a gift.

Thanks to this, you can save up to 200 pounds, as it was in my case.

Then, talk to your friends and tell them to do it too.

If your friends do it from your command (you give them a special link) then you’ll get a pay on this account. Directly to your account or in the form of a discount for bills.

And so Bulb* company, which currently has a very good offer gives you up to 50 pounds bonus to you and the person who will use your special link.

So in total they give 100 pounds equally for each party.

All you have to do is to find a few volunteers and you have at least half a year for free.

Here are 3 screenshots showing the registration of 3 people from my command.

50 pounds for free

how to quickly earn 50 pounds
jak zarobić 50 Funtów w 5 minut

That is, I received £150 and £200 from the recommendation for changing the electricity and gas supplier. So, in a total I earned £350.

Otherwise, I would have to make so much money to pay my bills.

This year I will have to spend about £600 on electricity and gas bills. This means that thanks to a wise approach to finance, I don’t have to pay electricity and gas bills for half a year.

Of course, it’s not easy to encourage your friends to take advantage of your offer, suggestion, etc.

But if you play it smart, they’ll stand you half a litre of vodka. I’ve already received feedback and thanks to me several people saved over 100 pounds doing only comparison and another 50 pounds as a gift from Bulb* company.

Another method is to use the  imutual service.

In the Energy-suppliers tab there are several companies that will pay you if you use the services of companies through their website.

The best part is that you can prepare a special link and send it to your friends. Thanks to this you will be paid directly to your bank account.

And how much did you save on changing the electricity and gas supplier in the UK?

* there may be affiliate links under the star, thanks to which I will be rewarded if you decide to use the services. Thanks to this I will have money for further work of the blog and maybe I will be able to retire early, for which I thank you in advance.


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