How to earn money in England

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How to earn money in England

Today, I will introduce other ways to ,,good and quick earning” as always, I try to describe only those methods that can be easily put into practice. Because there is no sense to dwell on the ways that are difficult to realize, eg. how to be a stockbroker etc. So today I will focus on answering the question – how to earn money in England … As we know new ideas to earn extra money in the UK can come alone or with my help, so let’s me start…

Earning on investments

It is no surprise to say that many people have in their bank accounts a few or even several thousands of pounds, because the interest rate is very low, and often is even 0%. So, I propose to open a deposit or open a bank account that offers an interest as we can in this way earn, and maybe a work in England will be stable? It depends on how much accumulated money we have and what percentage of them will snap and what we really looking for, because a life with this will be hard, therefore I will propose to seek additional work in England.

When it comes to the ,,bank earnings”, for example, when you move £ 10,000 on Santander 123, which offers 3% of deposits, after one year we will earn £240 ,,so there’s always something”. If you do not know where are currently the best savings accounts, and in general which are available to us here are three articles that will help you in your selection.

See the best savings accounts in the UK
Regular saving is the best method of saving for people that have problems with this
Get the best deposit bank in England

Renting a room

This is probably the easiest way to earn a few hundred pounds a month. Of course, this way of making is not for those, who have a free room, house or apartment. Of course, this room can be hired to tourists during the holiday period. Unless you want to dedicate one room to rent, then we can earn more money, but we also have to get used to the additional occupant.

The choice is yours, but I think that home rental is more cost effective and less burdensome for us, because we can get a similar income during the year. Renting a room can start from the register on the website 9flats and add the advertisement. In the Internet you can find many similar services, but 9flats is the most popular with airbnb. With the money earned in this way, we are exempt from the tax to the amount of £ 4250.

More on taxes on room rent you will learn from the government side:

Car Boot Sales

Many of us in the UK is involved in car boot sales as buyers, but we can safely swap roles and start selling. Fees for sale are low and we reach with its offer to thousands of customers, also we have some additional benefits of this form of sales. We do not pay taxes, because this business is not steady job, there are not shipping costs or visits to the post office and quietly in this way we can make money on the Internet.

By selling old and unwanted things, we can gain a lot more space in your home, and the system is the most environmentally friendly. On the you will find information on where and when car boot sale are organized. And most importantly in this way you can very quickly get rid of unwanted stuff from home.


A very popular way to answer the question – how to earn money in England. As you can guess some of us have little children and this is a big problem, because between maternity leave and the moment in which the child goes to kindergarten is a big gap even at a later stage, when children go to school already, this is a problem.

I think the nanny or babysitter for the children certainly come in handy and have a chance to earn a pretty decent money. Of course, life in England is not very expensive, so this type of work can safely survive. Also, such an occupation can be considered as making more money, it is surely a very good offer for young people. You can look for advertisement on gumtree or preloved.

how to earn money on the InternetFilling in questionnaires, makeup, hairdressing, beauty treatments

They are another very popular activities, and what is important are synonymous to the phrase – how to make money on the Internet. Maybe this is quite a difficult way to make money, but it seems to me that if someone who spends a few dozen hours and do a little research, find a good place where you can earn a good surveys.. Here, I give the addresses where we can begin your search:,

Remember that at the beginning it can be very hard to make any meaningful money… Now, a few words about cosmetic treatments, hairdressing etc. It seems to me here that if someone has the proverbial flair in this direction and quickly learns, after a few courses and stage experiments on friends or family, you will be ready to make money in this way. Writing about these forms of earning I mean rather your own business in England. But if we want to avoid in this way the costs of renting office or salon we can work simply on-time in another capacity, and in the afternoon and on weekends to provide additional services. If we decide on this form of monetization, do not forget about further education and here we can take advantage of friends and Facebook, and for the first earned money you can buy a website


Creating webpages or buying ready-made templates help us to run the website. This website we sell at a large profit to the client – prices for template vary between £ 15-50 and the customer pays for the finished page a few hundred pounds, so you can certainly make money. If you are wondering – how to make money on the Internet then this idea can be perfect and the process using a template and create from it a website is relatively easy and does not require any special preparation.

Just watch several videos and read a little bit how it is done. On the Internet you can find many websites that help in creating websites. Also, you can focus on promoting your own website and start earning money by working with affiliation networks or by displaying ads through  google adsense.

If you are interested in earning through affiliate programmes be sure to check the article describing passive income


Making money on the Internet you can create by Avon. We buy all the news a lot cheaper before they will appear in the sale catalog or when there are special promotions. But that is not all what each consultant receives by working for the company. Avon from the very beginning gives to consultants not only many discounts on products – up to 89% – but also permanent extra money every three weeks – consultant earns on every sold product from a catalog, so it is just another cool way to answer the question – how to earn money by the Internet.Here MLM or multi-level or network marketing – otherwise domestic sales method. There can be really different products – cosmetics, healthy food and services sold to family, friends and all interested parties. The products we sell are very important ,but equally important is the structure of sales. In such a system works Avon or Oriflame sales. On the market there are many organizations that allow employees to make money in this way. Some are score better and others worse. This is a huge topic, and certainly I will write about it on this blog. The most popular companies operating in MLM system include: Avon, Herbalife, Arbonne, Forever Living Products, Amway, wikaniko, Utility Warehouse, Tupperware, Mary Kay.

It can be a fantastic way to a very good business in England. Here, I mention that subscribing to AVON UK via their website we will receive a FREE STARTER PACKAGE, assistance at every stage of work, training materials and a handbook for consultant. What is very important – AVON prices of products are much cheaper in the UK than in other countries. So if you do a good scout you can buy cheaper in the UK and more expensive to sell it in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From what I know, AVON is much cheaper in the UK than in Poland (in England are much better promotions), I do not know how is with other companies, but it is worth checking out if you work in the MLM system

If you do not know what MLM is be sure to check out the definition on Wikipedia:

Stock exchange?

Here, at the beginning let us not ask too much, you can earn quite well here and increase your capital. The calculations are not difficult, if you have an ordinary spreadsheet, you can increase the capital up to ten times a day. Of course, this is not the peak of capabilities, but you can also a lot to lose.

To succeed in the marketplace you must invest in knowledge and read many books before you invest. Why? Because about 85% of individual investors in the long term will lose money. Soon, I will try to prepare a list of the most important books in order to effectively invest money in the stock market.

If you decide to invest it is worth to check where to open an account in order to invest in the stock market and on the forex trading platform.

In conclusion

I hope this article will inspire to action and earn additional money, it is worth to remember that a good idea does not guarantee success without consistent action. And the question – how to make money in England? You should have to answer – what I know and what I can do, what is my hobby and it will be easier for us … If you have the energy, we want to positively use in some way – let’s start working! Sooner or later, we will reach ,,any” effects that can be improved. That would be enough to end – I encourage to think and pursue your own ideas! Please write in the comments what you have additional way to make money in the UK.


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