How to make money on the pictures on the Internet

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How to make money on the pictures on the Internet and is it possible?

I answer with all the responsibility that so we do not need to be professionals at all to make money on our photographs. Just hold the camera with a resolution of minimum 3Mpix and take pictures that are technically correct and now we can start to make money on them. On the Internet there are services called banks of pictures or microstocks to which anyone can send photos. Then photos are sold through them to customers around the world. Sales take place here at the Royalty Free license, which means that every picture can be sold repeatedly, for an unlimited time. Of course, there are also cases that some jobs are gaining such popularity that are sold thousands of times, providing developers with substantial gains. Therefore, how much you can earn in this way for the sale of pictures? In this world there are people who deal exclusively this and earn in this way thousands of pounds per month, but some people treat it as a hobby, and from time to time send to the banks of pictures a few photographs earning tens or hundreds of pounds per month – so, largely it all depends only on us.

The technical requirements to be met by pictures

  1. First of all, they cannot have any visible logos or other trademarks
  2. If on the photographs are people, it is necessary to attach the consent of the model for the publication – model release. Except, when there is not necessary permission for the model, is a picture of a famous person or pictures of mass events, which can be sold as „editorial”.
  3. The resolution should be as high as possible, of course, there are sites that accept 3Mpix, but personally I do not advise to be limited to the minimum. Why? The simple reason – when selling photography in higher resolution we earn more. I advise also to not artificially increase the resolution in graphics programs, for once it will be noticed and unpleasant consequences can meet us. The picture must simply be original.
  4. Photography must be clear and properly exposed. Whst’s more, it cannot have noise and artifacts and we can take photos in RAW mode if our camera allows it
  5. We can use graphic programs – Photoshop or Gimp in order to reduce noise or minor adjustments of our work but do not emphasize a large correction
  6. All sites provide guidance on how photos they should look before sending, so before sending it is worth to read instructions on the website

What can I photograph?

Generally we can photograph what we like thus combining business with pleasure. However, if we want to have a big financial success, we have to think what might have currently the highest sales. It is worth checking the individual services, which subject is the best selling and whether particular subject is huge competition so that bank of photos bought our photographs. In addition, it is worth considering how our photographs will be useful for the buyer. Sometimes, the small detail can drastically reduce the attractiveness of our images in the eyes of the buyer.

It is worth checking what is popular on the Internet and what currently is searching for. Take advantage of the service on which we will check what is now on top. Of course, similar sites is more.

A practical example: ,,if the photo is heavily cropped and the head of person in the photo is cropped such a photograph may already be useless for the buyer”. Such photo has limited use, forcing alignment edge to the side of graphic design. Personally, I can hint that eagerly bought, however, there are photographs in which the subject is on a white background, because the buyer will be much easier to cut the object in the photograph and put anywhere ….

There are links to sample photos:


How to make money on the pictures on the Internet or where to sell your photos

One of the most profitable service is  Shutterstock. Here, the majority of sales are by subscription, giving very low wages as a single transaction, but their number is so large that we definitely are compensated. This service, however, puts the photographers really high demands, so if we do not feel as professionals, let’s start from another bank of photos. Shutterstock offers service in English, German, Spanish and French. But in order to start selling, you must send the registration of 10 sample images, which will show the degree of your ability. The service must accept at least 7 our photos.

  • Here, minimum required resolution is: 4 Mpix,
  • earnings are from $ 0.25 to $ 0.38 for the sale by subscription, $ 0.81 – $ 1.24 $ with a normal sale. Here we have also expanded sales by a license on which we can earn up to $ 28,
  • here editorial photos, graphics and movie files are accepted.

Another interesting service is Dreamstime, which is also very popular, beacuse it splits money with the photogram in half, so it is very attractive. The website also allows you to sell photos with the total rights for a fixed price by us.

The best strategy would be to sign up to a few services and test where we get the best earnings

Other points of banks pictures:


Free Digital Photos – – it offers in turn versions of the low-resolution for free, here for larger images you will have to pay, and the first in the online use check in completely – a large part of the file must also be signed with the name of the photographer.

Description of taken photo.

For each photo taken by us, we must make appropriate description, which we will introduce when sending it to the bank of photos:

  1. title – the short title, a maximum of 2-3 words,
  2. a description – short sentence describing our photograph,
  3. Key words – about ten words to describe what is in our photographs.

At the beginning of the adventure of earning, it is worth reading how to properly take pictures, where is best to sell (read where you can earn the most) and what pictures are the best to sell.

What should I do in order to achieve success:

First, you must like what you do and then your work will be brilliant.

It is great if you’re a graphic designer, because you have the opportunity to earn extra money and if you are good it could be your main source of income.

If you are not a whiz, but you like to take photos and do it for the pleasure, you should invest in a good book to take professional photos, join groups on FB, start reading websites and blogs describing how to make professional photos.

As you can see how little it takes to achieve succeess and start earn money, but there is one condition – you have to be good at what you do. Therefore, we start from where you can start sharing your photos for free and users can buy you a cup of coffee for your contribution

I’ve added two pictures and they have so far collected nearly 50 times. In free time I would like to add more photos. You should think whether you have to share your the best photos.

Payment for taking photographs.

Now I will focus now on the last point that is income. Our earnings can easily be sent to the country by means of online payment – Paypal, which it then pour the money into a bank account. I hope that I was able to easily explain how to earn on the pictures on the Internet and thanks to this guide more of us will decide to courageous photographing of ,,everyday life”.


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