How to make money thanks to Imutual

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How to make money online thanks to Imutual

Recently I wrote a lot about TopCashback*, because I use it and I think it is Number 1 in the UK along with Quidco*. Rather, preference of what service you should use decide about it.

But I want to emphasize here another service, because it allows you to earn money online. Sometimes it has more commissions and most importantly, you can share a link with others. When it comes to TopCashback and Quidco it is impossible.

If you don’t know much what cashback in the UK is, read the article about TopCashback and CLICK HERE

That’s why I also make quite decent money in imutual . If in google you enter the phrase how to make money online, there are quite a lot of possibilities on this site.

Imutual practically works like the above mentioned cashback services, but you can also get company shares. That’s right. The company, in order to stand out from the competition, had to offer something extra.

Imutual praktycznie działa jak w/w serwisy cashback, ale dodatkowo możesz uzyskać akcje firmy. Zgadza się. Firma aby wyróżnić się na tle konkurencji musiała zaoferować coś ekstra.

Every time you make a purchase via imutual or someone through your special link, you get shares. They aren’t big numbers. But who knows, maybe in a dozen years, when the company will be very recognizable and enter the London Stock Exchange, it may turn out that the shares will be worth a lot.

Also, as you recommend this site you get 100 shares. It’s not like in competing companies that you can earn up to 20 pounds for the command. The service has a different policy.

The company pays and runs quite well. Maybe it looks difficult to use, you can be easily navigated in it.

Saving money in imutual is very easy. Personally, I managed to save / earn more than 2,000 pounds so far, thanks to the possibility of sharing links with others. That’s why sometimes you can see affiliate links from this site on this blog.

Thanks to this, making money online has become simple. I don’t have to register in special services, because everything is in one place.

There’re many possibilities for saving. You can also use product promotions and opportunities on the website. Thanks to this, you can post any interesting occasions on the blog or Facebook and earn from it when someone use this.

There’s also a possibility to earn several pence by clicking on various services, filling out surveys, some forms, etc

promotions in imutual - see how to save

I use this website only by inserting affiliate links on my blog. And I always do online shopping at TopCashback. Sometimes, there are companies that don’t offer cashback in well-known websites of this type and it turns out that they are in imutual. So it’s worth checking and comparing.

do you already know how to make money online

Therefore, if you like saving money and you already use TopCahsback or Quidco and it turns out that your company isn’t there, don’t forget to check if it is on Imutual.

I hope you now know how to make money online and earn some extra cash. It is also a good service to save money through refunds through online shopping.


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