How to obtain free insurance

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How to obtain free insurance

If you search well, you can obtain free insurance. You can obtain it in several ways. According to studies that have been conducted by the Association of British Insurers, 1/4 of people do not have any life insurance. This is a very risky approach, which is characterized by a positive attitude and certainty that nothing bad can happen.

Unfortunately, many people through negligence and lack of life insurance or even health insurance causes that they or their family are in a very difficult financial situation. Of course, you should not assume in advance bad scenarios, but every adult man having a family or being married, should first think about his loved ones and make sure that their future is not threatened when he will pass away. Therefore, responsible thinking is very important.

In a situation where a person is young and does not have children or he is not married, he does not have to worry about the life insurance (although it is worth considering the insurances that provide financial security in the case of health accident, such as fractures, bruises, etc.). The important thing is that, however, breadwinner can ensure his loved ones the possibility to benefit from free life insurance.

Life insurance

This is the basis for having a family or taking shared loan. In case of lack of the insurance, a family or friends and acquaintances may remain without the means for life with debts and loans. It is important to protect your family.

Free life insurance can be obtained through special programs prepared by different service or trade companies and well-known and popular corporations. One possibility is to use the free insurance that offers, for example Tesco.

It is worth reading the requirements in advance, for example, the necessity to join the  Tesco Baby Club, program, having a child or expecting it. There are many other insurers, who offer free insurance for parents at the time of at least twelve months. These include: Post Office MoneyAvivaLegal & General. Aviva offers all parents, who have children younger than four years old, a very interesting offer of free life insurance. Such a policy lasts one year and its value is estimated at fifteen thousand pounds. When two parents choose this option, the value of insurance will increase to thirty thousand pounds

Above, there are four companies and the most common is the requirement not to be insured in the same company. So there is nothing to prevent us to change every year the insurance company and have 4 years free insurance for parents.

Of course, the amount of 10 or 15 thousand pounds is ridiculously low in the case of death, but in practice the majority of people in the UK do not have life insurance. So I think that this solution is ideal for parents at the moment when a child will appear.

Free insurance is often in the credit offer. For example, Rainbow Saver England and Eastern Savings & Loans guarantee insurance aimed at increasing savings in the event of unexpected incidents up to 100%. However, the detailed conditions are dependent on age and situation.

Death in service

Most employers guarantee the so-called „death in service” for employed people. In case of death, which occurred at work, the family receives the specified amount from the employer, which is usually a multiple of salary, but every employer uses a different policy and the rules for this type of random events. The most common is the payment of salaries for a year or two years in the case if there was a death as the result of work, of course, in the workplace.

Health Insurance Is it worthHealth insurance

You can obtain free insurance, when you are employed, unless you have the European Social Security card. Therefore, people who come to the UK in search of a job, since the beginning of work they cannot benefit from health insurance, and thus, they do not have access to free health care – practitioner or medical specialist.

Life is like a good bottle of wine. Some people are satisfied with reading the label on the package, but others prefer to try its contents. Anthony de Mello

Free health insurance in the British Isles does not cover dental treatment (partial refund) and optical treatment. Therefore, it is worth to take care of the condition of your teeth and sight before coming to the UK.

There are several groups of people who can use the services of the NHS (National Health Service) granted free of charge and they are entitled to free medicines. These are: people above sixty years old, children younger than sixteen years old and pupils and students (younger than nineteen years old), as well as women who are pregnant or who are after giving birth no longer than 12 months. When going to a GP, it is important to have documents proving the ownership of insurance. It may be a contract of employment or docket justifying the payment of wages. And it is best to have a number of the social insurance, the so called, NI.

There are many methods to obtain free insurance. You might be interested in this subject before moving to the British Isles, to avoid the unpleasantness associated with unpleasant, random events. And, free life insurance should be only an addition to the basic, full-price policy, which guarantees financial security in the event of death of the member of family or the breadwinner. At the same time, the insurance will be invaluable in the event of health accidents, which the consequences are permanent injury to the physical or mental health.

And do you know any methods to obtain free insurance in the UK?

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser.


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