How to safely buy a car in the UK

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How to safely buy a car in the UK

If you are going to buy a car in the UK, you should follow several rules. If you don’t want to become a victim of scam, you should do it in responsible and reasonable way. Those suspicions are not expected to appear only when you buy the car for low price or with extremely small flow.

Whether the transaction seems to be safe or not you should check the history of car and get to know if all parameters provided by the seller are accurate to minimize the risk of buying used car in England.

The basic aspects

In modern times most of people are interested in cars purchase and they watch them on the Internet. If you do the same, don’t arrange meetings too fast for car review.

Firstly it is worth to check a car. It will allow for you to avoid additional costs concerning the travel. In that way you will save a lot of money like also time.

How to check the history of car?

Before any meeting ask the seller about few significant information. Ask him for registration number and the number of MOT test. Then thanks to the DVLA service ( verify the data about car.

It will help you to check if the history of MOT is consistent with information which you received from the seller. Verify if technical review reaches reaches its maturity. When the information is correct and you are decided to buy a car in the UK, you should arrange an appointment to review a car.

  1. Go to the following address: here you will check the actual MOT – lack of mot may be a sign of something.
  2. On the following site: you will check the history of MOT
  3. Check out the VIN in case if it is stolen:
  4. The buyer wants only the cash without any contract of sale. A red control light should then illuminate. Ask at least for a bill.
  5. If you’re afraid of lcar’s legacy get to know with that site:
  6. Necessarily check the data about car on this site:
  7. Finally, the chargeable service I always buy it before the car purchase. Enter in google „check car history” or just „check HPI, and you will get links to many comapnies (cheaper and more expensive) It will be the best source of information about car. For example check out that service: lub

What should bring your attention?

You should wondering in the moment when the car seems to be too cheap. Naturally, it may turn out that the owner need a cash for now so that’s why he wants to sell car very fast. In general cars with low prices are stolen or after traffic injuries. If the seller will urge you or require decision for now, resign. Car purchase is a long process and in rush it is hard to notice the details about car. Always think about selling in that way. Imagine that you are going to sell car. While you think that it is good, are you going to sell it by low price or you’ll be value and price car strengths.

When the seller is sure about value of car in most of cases he will not sell you that for lower price than the market price.

Until the meeting

You should never arrange an appointment on parking areas or in public places. The best is to meet in the seller’s house. Verify if the person who want to sell the car is register as its owner.

But before such a meeting takes place, ask the seller about all details concerning the car: what repairs and improves were made in car, is the car collision free and about car mileage.

During the meeting

You should carefully watch out the car. It is very important to take a mate with yourself who will look at the car from another perspective. Perhaps he will recognize some hidden defects.

It is good to have a mate with knowledge about cars. Check also the interior design, if there are any traces of the blood.

Many cars which were used to committing the crimes is sold at a bargain price. In the beginning it is hard to find some guidelines showing that something does not seem right. You should take the test drive and then realize how you feel about it. Did you like it? Ask yourself.

You can also suggest an additional inspection of the vehicle. It is associated with necessity of going to the special checkpoint which will verify all the information about car, its history and if the mileage of vehicle was not illegitimate changed.

Mileage can be easily checked to five years back.

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jak bezpiecznie kopic samochód w UK praktyczne wskazówkiChecking of car history

During the meeting ask for registration certificate (V5C). Check the date of V5C document issue. And necessarily pay your attention to a watermark „DVL” and make sure that its product key vary in the ranges: BG8229501 and BG9999030, or BI2305501 to BI2800000.

If the product key vary in those ranges, it is suspected that V5C has been stolen and in that case you should call the police. Check the identification number of vehicle and the engine number.

Make sure that it is accurate to information indicated in the journal vehicle. Check also if the owner paid so-called Road Tax.

The purchase of car is a decision that should not be made quickly. If you are going to buy a car in the UK, you need to check all documents very thoroughly and review the car carefully.

The sale-purchase agreement

It is also worth to sign a contract sale-purchase. On the web there are various of different forms and as sellers we can enter a clause: ‚sold as seen’ or ‚as is’. Naturally in that moment the seller is insured in case when the car will have some injuries.

You as a buyer need to check the car more precisely cause when some defect will occur, you don’t have chances for complaint.

You can sign contract like this on that website: or simple version on the site: Of course it is enough to write in google those phrases: car sale agreement uk 

Get to know about practical councils cause purchase of car is a serious thing.


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