How to save money living in the Great Britain

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How to save money living in the Great Britain

Everyone wants to make a lot of money but we may not be aware how much money we lose because of wrong shopping decisions. That is the reason why today I’m going to present you a few smart solutions that you can use in the UK.

Why your money disappear

Recently I wrote how to find a solution for expensive hotels. This time I will show you that by making smart shopping, you can save significant amounts. It is visible while you keep the house budget.

Hence belowe I will present you the simple ways for saving your money.

Sometimes we don’t even know where our money are. Thanks to controling your house budget you will be able to find a potential savings.

You should check the following site: by which you cam find the best prices. While shopping there you can save even 30% according to the creators of service.

Personally I really like this website cause you have a possibility to see in one place all promotions. I also noticed that the producer make promotion and it depends from given market wheter if it wil share with promotions or not.

Once I wrote about some products which we buy every day. This is my sample list of shopping: powders, detergent/cleaning products, toothpaste, nappies ect.

Therefore it is worth to set price alerts and buy there where the prices are the lowest. As for some products I buy permanently, I always try to buy the bigger quantity if there will be some promotions.

However if you have any question about how to save money, you just got your first answer. Buy more during promotions but only those products that are needed.

For example I permanently buy the following product: Calgon Gel 750ml. Its normal price is 5 pounds. On websites comparising the products it is worth to set an allerts. It should be positioned roughly as shown below.

alert cenowy w mysupermarket


As soon as a promotion arrives I will be informed about it. Then it is worth to buy more pieces. As you can see on the picture. Now is promotion and you can save your 1 pound. If I wil buy 4 packages the saving will be 4 pounds. This treatment concerns practically each of product. The problem with free shipping will be also solved. Maybe you prefer to go on the place personally and get it by your own. It depends from you.

The above-described service is only a sample and in the Internet you can find more similar websites monitoring the prices. Websites worthy of not include:

  • – for monitoring prices in amazon
  • idealo – it also has a function of prices alert
  • More price compasrison engines you will find on the following site: the price comparison engines

How to save money?

If we know in which market there are discounts available and I have a list of shopping I decide to do it online. On the internet you can find many discount vouchers. Thanks to them you can low you bills or we can get a free shipping to our house.

Recently I took the opportunity that offered itself and got a discount on shoppings in Ocado with value of 20 Pounds + free delivery by the whole year.

It is easy to find such discounts on the Internet. If you want such discount voucher please contact with me and provide your e-mail address. I will try to send the message back.

If you can do shopping wisely, your savings will transform from a few pounds into several saved pounds. Within a year such savings can change even into thousand pounds.

If you will decide to do shopping on sites such as cashback you will definitely increase you saving. The first shopping in such shops like ASDA or TESCO are rewarded by extra bonus.

You should definitely find some discount vouchers. The most simple way is to enter in google phrase like: asda+different variations like: voucher codecoupondiscount etc.

If it is too complicated or you forget about it for some reasons it is worth to automate it by installing a plug in your browser which will automatically search discount vouchers.

This is possible thanks to: joinpouch

Every time when you will visit some shop’s website you will get proposition with discount vouchers because of plug installed in your browser.

Why it is worth to use websites like cashback?

I highly recommend it cause there are thousands of shops thanks to which you savings are accumulating in a very fast way.

cashback zwroty za zakupy online

As you can see on the picture in this service I saved 1133 pounds. It is not the only service that I use. More about  topcashback przeczytasz na stronie: Co to jest cashback

Of course I recommend that service for two reasons. Firstly it is very simple in usage and for recommendation I can earn from £5 to £20. If you want to give me a surprise you can register today and we will get a bonus.

zarabiaj na polecaniu stron cashback

The next two services I use are imutual and quidco.

The following services were tested and they are paying out money. Quidco is very similar to topcashback and imutual gives a possibility of sharing links so you can increase the possibility of saving money with others.

It is very important when someone writes a blog like me. Therefore from time to time you can find some link with imutual.

As you can see in the UK there are many ways for money saving. My the last discover is service called, where instead of cash you can earn points and then you can exchange it for pounds when you want to get pay out. The payment threshold is 40 pounds.

Co takiego niezwykłego jest w tym serwisie?

On the websites like cashback you are directed to the external shops. In here the service is integrated with shops so from one place you can do your searching. In addition while you recommend someone else you get points every time when the recommended person do shopping’s.

It is a very good solution for those who want to make money through the Internet. The earlier described systems give you bonus only at once.

I recommend you to watch the video prepared by Aleksandre Cumimings with who I was talking through Skypee and she presented me her platform.

There are many various services which start to compete with each other. Here is a very beneficial situation for consumers.



The half of people prefer the cash while the second half like to collect points. If someone like both of these things the best solution will be  cashback world.

You can collect points and cashback in form of pounds.

Currently I decided to give a chance for that service so I can’t say lot about it but it looks very interesting. Here the one difference I have noticed is that if you want a voucher you must to make an order for it. At first you buy a cardo, so-called top-yp and then you make shoppings.

I thinks that the following system is worse than the others. Certainly the cards concerns only a little part of an offer. In the other shops you can make shoppings with discount.

However the solution is perfect for those who make shoppings in stationary market so such voucher you can take with yourself to a shop.

If you want to join the system then you need to ask someone who is actually registered in. If you want to get full access you need to have invitation. If you are interested in the following system feel free to contact with me and I’ll send you an invitation from  cashback world and

Why it is worth to recommend a cashback programe

The earlier mentioned programs offer you one-time commission in rate of 5 to even 25 pounds. In case of cashback world you can get an additional bonus valued for 0.5% The recommended person will get the bonus. The works similarly.

An offer for the real Polish man – I want it for free, I deserve.

There is also a solution for Polish people who have strict requirements. They don’t care about discounts, they just want it for free.

That is the offer they ever wanted. It is enough to install one application such as for example checkout smart.

You should watch this video:

While you buy some product you can also get a discount or you can get the second product for free or all for free. The only thing you must do is to send a screenshot of bill.

checkout smart produkty za darmo

You should register the application at your phone and enjoy many discounts.  Link:

You will find more programs of this type. There are also a special dedications of solutions due to a specific origins. The perfect sample may be  Pampers Club.

mądre sposoby na oszczędzanie pieniędzy w UKThe programe consists in buying given products of Pampers’s brand, you scan fiscals by a special mobile application and you get points for each product. You can decide if you want to exchange it into discounts or for next products of Pampers brand or partnership companies.

There are a lot of solutions available. It is worth to search in Google  Play: and you will get many various propositions to the similar applications which help in money saving.

All you need is ability to manage effectively of your money and benefit from discount vouchers and find verified ways for money saving.

The other ways of money saving

The summary

As you can see there are many ideas for money saving. If someone will ask you about how to save money you can say about blog moneygrabbing.

I hope that the above article presented you a lot of methods for money saving in the UK. Of course you should choose the one who will work the best for you. Maybe you have enough money so you have no worries. If this is the case I invite you to section I support.

Make sure you sign up for the free guide and grab 1000 Pounds with a few simple tricks.

However thanks to method mentioned in the article you can increase your budget. It is not a secret that in the UK you can’t earn.

The real pensions are stuck in place for 10 years. I think everyone can see it. Anyone who do shoppings in the supermarket. Every year the prices go up so we can’t buy many things. It is about inflation.

However from a few years I control my house budget and now I can say that it help me in saving money. I can invest it in something. Therefore for autumn I’m going to write more about saving money.

The only way that will make you be able to save at least 2000 pound each year is a reasonable management of your wallet. After a few years you can earn a sizeable sum and start to invest for example in actions or in other qualities like debentures, ores or properties.

I hope that the above post showed you how to save money. If you know someone who has problems with it you should necessarily give a THUMB UP and share it with others on Facebook.

Please write in comment what are your methods for money saving in the UK.


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