I will tell you how I stopped paying for electricity and gas in the UK

I will tell you how I stopped paying for electricity and gas in the UK

Yes, it’s not a joke. I haven’t paid for electricity and gas in the UK for over half a year and it looks like I won’t continue paying for the next 12 months.

The necessity is the mother of all inventions in this world.

As you probably know, I’m a very economical person and I don’t like to overpay. When I moved to a new home, it turned out that my utility bills jumped significantly.

My family has grown, the neighbor no longer heats me, I have plenty of lights, cameras and my daughter often watches cartoons.

Not to mention that if you have a small child, it must be warm at home and that means that the furnace operates at full capacity during the winter.

So, I have made some researches and I found out a great offer.

I moved my power supplier to the  Bulb*, because it was much cheaper than in the previous one, or npower. I wrote about it in the article „Who wants 200 pounds as a gift,” where I described the whole situation, I even prepared a video with the comparison of two companies. And thanks to the fact that some people read it and made use of the same company – I earned some money thanks to the recommendations.

From time to time I post a link on some Facebook groups.

But the most recommendations, as in the sale, I gained thanks to direct conversations with people.

When it turned out that the number of recommendations increased drastically, I stopped paying bills. I currently have a large overpayment and I have paid my electricity and gas bills for at least a year.

28/5000 How not to pay for electricity and gas

As you can see in the picture is 766 pounds overpayment and I have a fixed payment of 5 pounds. This is the lowest possible value.

Currently, another 4 people are waiting to join the electricity and gas supplier. So there’ll be another £200.

Currently, I’ve saved 1250 pounds in this way.

how to make money online by recommending products

So, as you can see, it works. You can do it too.

Of course, you’ll accuse me of having a blog and getting interested in it.

Not necessarily, I’ll l tell you one small trick. There are more of them, but in the end I won’t reveal everything.

How to promote it effectively?

When I talk to people especially at the beginning of our relationship, whether I’m at the mechanic, hairdresser at work, etc., I use this method for small talk. Instead of talking about the weather, I try to make my listener interested in the story that I found a way to stop paying utility bills like electricity and gas.

Believe me, many people are more interested in this than something other and they’re very willing to move to a bulb company*. If I succeed, why and others should not use it at home.

Imagine, for example, a hairdresser, who in this way talk to every client. What would you like her effectiveness to be in her history? It would be like mine. There’s disbelief at the beginning, then you show your own online account and then there’s a very willing transition to a new supply of electricity and gas.

It’s tested on many people and very often the efficiency is 90%.

Of course, many people don’t move to another suplier, because they forget to do simulation, etc.

how to make money online - move your electricity and gas supplier in the UK

But why?

Because from today, throughout the week, from 16 to 23 July you’ll get as much as 75 pounds for changing the supplier.

In addition, if you have a financial penalty to pay for changing the electricity and gas supplier, Bulb will pay for it.

And you’ll be able to duplicate my strategy to gain recommendations and who knows, maybe you’ll be better than me

It’s necessary to contact me because I’ll have a business offer for official cooperation and the opportunity to earn even more money.

Imagine that you would find such a client and you could get money every month for as long as you pay for bills. Are you interested? Write to me.

Soon I’ll write more about it. But if you have contact with customers and you would like to earn more then write to me.

Below is a photo showing that the electricity and gas supplier is cheaper by 15% from the largest suppliers on the market like: British Gas, nPower, Scottish Power, SSE, EDF, E.ON

tani dostawca prądu i gazu w UK

Of course, below you can see what current electricity and gas tariffs are in Bulb company*.

taryfy za prąd i gaz w Bulb

All right, where’s the catch?

There’s always a catch. In this case, the company doesn’t currently offer the guaranteed prices for one, two or three years. Of course, this doesn’t bother me, because I strongly promote this supplier and I have good profits on from recommendations.

And most importantly, it’s a great story for small talk, which I often use in different situations.

But if you want to have a guaranteed tariff, please contact me and I’ll help you here. I also have interesting offers with another company I work with. Most often these’re some valuable bonuses.

Recently, it was a thermostat worth almost 200 pounds.

What’s up with SMART tariff?

The company offers in the beta version an additional tariff for electricity and gas, so-called Smart tariff.

It’s a 3-contribution tariff set for saving. The condition is that you must have a smart meter (new generation). Thanks to this, the energy supplier can read the meter settings every half hour.

This works in such a way that during rush hours the tariffs are higher and during the night hours are cheaper.

what the smart tariff looks like in Bulb

The tariff is different only in the case of electricity. Nothing will change for gas.

It’s worth adding that you will no longer need to check the electricity and gas meters, because the company will take the meters itself.

And now, thanks to the promotion, you can move the supplier and get as much as 75 pounds. And if you have a penalty for breaking the current contract, the company will pay for it.

If you think that this offer isn’t for you and you prefer something else, then in the company I work with you, you can get a bonus for transferring the completely free Google Nest hub and Google Home Mini worth about £150.

I’ve just recently written about it in the article titled I have for you a Nest learning thermostat worth about £200


If you have a problem with transfer for some reason, or you don’t know how to do it, contact me and I’ll try to help you. And for now fill in the form in Bulb* and write in the comments how much you managed to save by changing the power and gas supplier.

*there may be affiliate links under the star, thanks to which I’ll be rewarded if you decide to use the services. Thanks to this I’ll have money for further work of the blog and maybe I’ll be able to retire early and I thank you in advance.


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